Hawaii Shoot Day Six: Location Scout Part Two

Our second day of tech scouting started early, before dawn. The crew met up and hiked out in the dark to the red sand cove for a sunrise shot. Although it was super early, it was a great way to start the day.

The sunrise over the cove was definitely a sight to be seen – here you can see Chris behind the tripod and our producer, Matu shooting a few frames for himself.

As for the blog itself, you may have also noticed that the author of this post has changed from the norm. Let me take a minute to introduce myself – I’m Robert, Chris’s studio manager and full-time first assistant.

(This is me at 10,000 feet in front of a volcano, just in case you needed to put a face to the name)

So far on our Hawaii adventure, I’ve been shooting all the behind the scenes stills and working to get some photos together for the blog – but from here on out, Chris needs to focus on making pictures and I can keep you all updated on the process. I’m excited to be taking this on and writing about our process, I hope that we can show everyone a little bit about how we work and how every day and every shoot is a unique and fun experience.

As for today, after sunrise we hiked back to Travaasa Hana, taking a few shots along the way, like this old Japanese tombstone that had fallen into the sea.

After the hike back and a quick breakfast, the rest of the day was filled with scouting the locations on property for Travaasa Hana.

Although not necessarily the most interesting, tech scout days are essential because they allow time for everyone involved in the project to pre-visualize, work through problems, and essentially get on the same page.

The producer can finalize the schedule, the art directors, the clients, and Chris can work together to finalize the vision and artistic intent, and the photo crew and I can work out logistics, all in advance so we all know what to expect when we’re shooting for real.

Even though scout days are filled with planning and discussion, we always make room to have a little fun. Here, Mark the general manager of Travaasa Hana is teaching Chris to play Konane, a traditional Hawaiian board game (similar to checkers). He may have lost the first round, but by the end of our trip, I’ve got no doubt that Chris will be the top Konane player in the town of Hana.

With location scouting finished and the shoot schedule finalized, tomorrow marks the start of our days of shooting for this project. We’re kicking it off with another sunrise shot, so stay tuned for what’s to come.

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  1. the shoot looks pretty rough so far. how do you guys do it? I’m jealous! Love the daily blogs too!

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