Hawaii Shoot Day Ten: Sunrise, Pilates, and Skylifts

Today marked our tenth day in Hawaii, fifth day of shooting with Travaasa Hana, and third day of working with talent. We focused on photographing wellness, ranging from yoga, to pilates, to mixed martial arts.

After another 4:00am wake up, the crew made it’s way down in the dark to a yoga platform overlooking the pacific ocean on the Travaasa Hana property. Even though we are almost 5,000 miles away from Philadelphia, I saw this little still-life waiting to be photographed and realized we’ve got to represent our home city whenever the opportunity arises.

This morning brought yet another epic sunrise, supplemented by a tiny bit of additional light from our octabanks, made for some beautiful sunrise yoga photos. Our model Katie was kind enough to work through and hold a handful of positions for us while Chris shot the sun coming up over the Pacific.

After breakfast, it may have become clear that some of these early morning call times have started to wear on the photo crew. Normally I would advise that it’s not proper set etiquette to give your boss noogies at the breakfast table, but after a few fourteen hour shoot days, all bets are off.

For the rest of the morning, we took advantage of the beautiful trees and foliage on the property of Travaasa Hana, photographing activities like mixed martial arts under the shade of the ancient banyan tree.

Later in the day, the whole crew was on deck in the wellness room to photograph pilates, core conditioning exercise classes, and barre exercise.

The final shot of the day involved a very special piece of rental equipment – a Skytrak crane, provided for by one of our local friends in Hana. In the shot above, Victor, the driver and operator is moving the crane into position alongside the pool.

With the crane in position, Chris and Mark, the creative director were boomed out into the air – ready to shoot a unique perspective onto the pool.

Being up in the air, we framed up and worked through a handful of options. It’s not everyday that you can work with a birds eye perspective on this kind of scale. Lucky for us, the water was warm and our model Rachel was happy to swim around while Chris snapped away.

Last but not least, Chris decided that the pool needed to have some waves in it. What do good producers do when they hear you need some waves? – they make them happen. Shawn, Matu, and Ken all got it going, working some action into the pool water.

A production tip for anyone who is interested: inflatable exercise balls make for great buoys and wave creation devices.

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