Heroes of Conservation – Bill Anderson

cc2014027 - Conservationist and Fisherman Bill Anderson photogra

We are honored to be involved in the 2014 Field and Stream Heroes of Conservations project. For the third year running, we have had the opportunity to travel all over this great nation meeting and photographing the six conservation finalists. Since 2005, the magazine has been recognizing these outstanding individuals who work tirelessly to promote, improve, or protect wildlife and their habitats all across the country.

This year we received the call from our editors to hit the road and photograph all six of the subjects. The journey lasted weeks and took us from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, Minnesota to North Dakota, and Washington to Idaho. As with all of the years before this, we were humbled by the generosity and efforts of the finalists – we took a wild tour of the country and have plenty of stories and photos to share. Our forth story took the Crisman team right into our own backyard of Pennsylvania to spend the day fishing and photographing with conservationist Bill Anderson. We may have been shooting close to home, but that didn’t stop the adventure. Keep reading to see more…

chris crisman field and stream hereos of conservation bill ander

Bill, the longstanding president of the Little Juanita River association has been working tirelessly for almost a decade to improve, monitor, and rebuild the namesake river in central Pennsylvania. Only decades ago, the impressive fishing grounds was being used as a sewer for industrial waste runoff.

chris crisman field and stream hereos of conservation bill ander

In order to do his work justice, we headed straight to the river to setup our shoot. As always when we’re shooting fishing, Chris threw on a pair of waders to get up close into the action, while we kept the generators and lights nice and dry on the banks of the stream.

Thanks to our long throw reflector, we were able to kick light across the river to hit the subject.

chris crisman field and stream hereos of conservation bill ander

Speaking of subjects, bill was a good sport, spending the day with us running around different sections of the Little Juanita. We split up the day between fly-fishing and visiting a few of the sites that are still in need of repair.

chris crisman field and stream hereos of conservation bill ander

And no shoot would be complete without the very necessary test photo of yours truly – looking a bit skeptical and definitely a bit tired by this shoot in our run.

We still have a few more heroes to share over the coming weeks – stay tuned. Questions? Comments? Let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and /crismanphoto!