Heroes of Conservation – David Sweet

cc2013022 - David Sweet, for Field & Stream Heroes of Conservati

Earlier this year we received a call from our editors at Field and Stream magazine to photograph their Heroes of Conservation finalists for 2013. Since 2005, the magazine has been profiling and recognizing a handful of dedicated sportsmen and women who work to protect, improve, or create wildlife habitat and embody the spirit of conservation.

We’ve had the honor of meeting and photographing some of these heroes in the past, (you may remember we blogged about the shoots last fall) and this year was particularly significant because we were given the task to photograph all six of the Heroes. Taking us from Wisconsin to Maryland, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oklahoma in the span of two weeks, this assignment was a whirlwind tour of the country. We wrapped up these shoots having met and made great photos of six inspiring conservationists. We’re excited to share the stories and the behind the scenes for each shoot – our fifth adventure taking us all the way to Yellowstone National Park to spend the day photographing David Sweet, a retired ranch owner who is leading the way to protect the cutthroat trout. Keep reading for more photos and behind the scenes from the day…


Where better than to shoot a trout restoration effort than out in Yellowstone lake? After meeting up with Dave, we hopped on a boat and headed out to the fish.



And we grabbed a few shots along the way – Chris and David were on deck, taking in the sights of Yellowstone while assistant David Ohl kept the gear dry inside of the cabin.

cc2013022 - David Sweet, for Field & Stream Heroes of Conservati

We spent most of the morning on the lake and after a very unexpected snow storm (yes, I did say snow…) we shot a handful of photos of Sweet in action, working the the trout he’s committed to protecting.


Back on dry land, we met up with a park representative and spent the afternoon making more portraits with Dave.

cc2013022 - David Sweet, for Field & Stream Heroes of Conservati

Aside from conservation, Sweet is an avid fly-fisherman so we knew we wanted to get a few shots of trout fishing with a perfectly picturesque background.


Keeping it consistent with the rest of our Heroes of Conservation shoots, we lit our portraits of David with a single 36” octabank, powered off a 2000 w/s Dynalite power pack running on a gas powered Honda generator. This setup allowed us to stay relatively mobile and work with whatever mother nature had in store for us.


After a few posed shots on and around shore, we had our subject hike out into the lake and start fishing.

cc2013022 - David Sweet, for Field & Stream Heroes of Conservati

We may have grabbed an excellent landscape shot of David in action, but he was not as lucky – the fish just weren’t biting that afternoon.

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