Heroes of Conservation – Eddie Bridges

Heroes of Conservation – Eddie Bridges

Earlier this year we were asked to be a part of a the 2012 Heroes of Conservation – an annual project by Field and Stream magazine which honors the efforts of local outdoorsmen. Since 2005, the magazine has been annually profiling and recognizing a handful of dedicated sportsmen and women who work to protect, improve, or create wildlife habitat and embody the spirit of conservation.

We’ve had the honor of meeting and photographing some of these heroes in the past, and when we received the call from our photo editor at Field and Stream this summer, we knew it was a project we had to take. For the 2012 Heroes of Conservation we traveled from North Carolina to Maine, meeting and photographing some amazing people along the way. The first of our adventures was with Eddie Bridges, founder of the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation. Keep reading for more of Eddie’s story and behind the scenes of our day with this hero…

We were up early in Greensboro NC, making the most out of the beautiful morning light for our shoot with Eddie Bridges. A hunter himself, and used to early mornings spent in the woods, it wasn’t any trouble getting him ready for the camera before dawn. For our first location we chose a tract of land that was very close to Eddie and his family – a preserved hunting and fishing area that had been rescued from development.

For the first shot  we took advantage of the low morning sunlight coming through the trees, using it as a natural back-light for Eddie. We wanted to supplement the beautiful natural light with just a little bit of a key, so Chris and I setup a 52” octabank to add some shaping light onto the left side of our subject’s face. We were running about 250 w/s out of the octabank, powered by a Dynalite power pack synced wirelessly to our camera via a Pocketwizard Plus III.

The lighting diagrams and behind the scenes might look a little odd having the octabank angled so far away from the subject, but it was a deliberate choice considering that the light source is so large and Chris wanted to just skim the side of Eddie with a tiny bit of light.

Now that’s how you do a photoshoot like a boss – 5D mk III in one hand, rifle in the other (No photo assistants were harmed in the making of this shoot.)

Later in the day we moved on to our second shoot location – an area that was protected thanks to the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation – the organization Eddie Bridges founded over 20 years ago to help purchase and maintain protected land for hunting and fishing.

Thanks to Eddie and the work of the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation we were treated to some of the hidden beauty of North Carolina. We were also honored to meet and spend the day with someone so incredibly driven and concerned with protecting the natural habitat which surrounds him.

Our story shooting the 2012 Heroes of Conservation is far from over – we still have two more shoots and two more stories to share. Stayed tuned on the blog and @crismanphoto for the next adventure.

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  1. You guys always do fantastic work, and it is a pleasure to view the BTS and final images, and these images are no exception, but I do have to poke a little fun. First, that is a shotgun, not a rifle, but I should not expect more from city slickers. Second, I applaud the efforts of the habitat foundation, but find it odd that the protected area is a corn field. Really? Let me talk to your realtor, I have some land I want to sell… 😉

  2. There’s a brazilian term that would go like ‘a whisper of light’ or something like that. That light that doesn’t look is there but if it wasn’t you would miss something…

  3. Thanks Joe, I know it might seem a bit crazy that the octabank is angled so far off, but keep in mind that the spread of that source is extremely wide so we still get just a bit of light brushing the side of the subject.

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