Heroes of Conservation – Rod Cross

Heroes of Conservation – Rod Cross

Earlier this year we were asked to be a part of a the 2012 Heroes of Conservation – an annual project by Field and Stream magazine which honors the efforts of local outdoorsmen. Since 2005, the magazine has been annually profiling and recognizing a handful of dedicated sportsmen and women who work to protect, improve, or create wildlife habitat and embody the spirit of conservation.

We’ve had the honor of meeting and photographing some of these heroes in the past, and when we received the call from our photo editor at Field and Stream this summer, we knew it was a project we had to take. For the 2012 Heroes of Conservation we traveled from North Carolina to Maine, meeting and photographing some amazing people along the way. The second of our adventures was with Rod Cross, president of Pennsylvania’s Falling Spring Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Keep reading for more of Rod’s story and behind the scenes of our day with this hero…

We met up with Rod Cross in central Pennsylvania and immediately hopped into the water to start shooting. An avid fly-fisherman, and a champion conservationist for the creeks and streams of Pennsylvania, Rod was in his element in the river while Chris was doing his best to stay dry and not get hooked.

To light the portrait used in Field and Stream, we setup an extra-small softbox with a 30° grid on the shore, aimed directly at Rod who was standing in the trout stream. We were working in afternoon sunlight, but it was obscured slightly thanks to the heavy tree cover around us. This meant that we had beautiful dappled sunlight behind us and depending on where our subject was standing, a bit of natural back-lighting as well. Chris used this natural light to his advantage and we only needed about 1000 w/s out of our Dynalite pack to help shape the light on Rod.

Working in and around water all day, I have to admit I was a little nervous with our equipment. I can’t forget the shoot in Hawaii where Chris and our 1Ds mkIII took a tumble into a waterfall. Luckily I stayed dry along with our lighting gear – we were wireless triggering all of our gear with our new Pocketwizard Plus III units.

Rod was an amazing host, leading us through the creeks and streams of Chambersburg Pennsylvania – the very waterways which he worked tirelessly to secure over $1 million in grants to protect for fishing.

No matter what happens, you know it’s gonna be a great shoot day when Chris has to put on a set of waders before he grabs his camera (thankfully I managed to stay on shore for the duration of this shoot).

Our story shooting the 2012 Heroes of Conservation is only partly finished – we still have one last shoot and incredible story to share. Stayed tuned on the blog and @crismanphoto for the next adventure.

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  1. Such a great location!
    I would love to help assist if you are anywhere in the southeast, within a days driving distance of Atlanta… I can bring beer/coffee/doughnuts if necessary, lol

  2. Hi, I have one question. You mean, using 1000KW key light power? Or using different power? 250W, 600w…. I mean, I want know what is using light power gauge. Sorry I am not good English ^^;;

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