How We Actually Spend Our Time

Over the last few weeks, this graph has been all over the internet – it even popped up on A Photo Editor a few days ago, and after looking it over a few times, Chris and I started thinking… how do we actually spend our time? Could we figure it out and make our own graph?

Well. Here it is, in all of it’s glory, along with a handful of behind the scenes photos from the 2011 to illustrate the different pieces of the pie. Keep reading for the rest…

To break it down, we used some very academic and serious methods involving looking at calendars, checking through email and phone history, cross referencing frequent flier miles, and last but not least – counting on fingers and toes. Using those highly scientific means, we managed to figure out that Chris actually spends his time working (which is pretty much all the time):

28% – Shooting
28% – Communicating with the team/creatives/editors/clients
14% – Editing/Overseeing retouching of photos
8% – Traveling for shoots
7% – Bookeeping, invoicing, dealing with taxes & insurance
5% – Concepting and planning personal work
4% – Working on advertising and marketing
4% – Blogging and tweeting
1% – Actually legitimately partying like a rockstar

If you don’t believe it, we’ve got some photos for proof.

28% of the time shooting – It’s true, if this percentage was any lower, Chris might just go crazy.

28% – Communicating with clients, creatives, reps, or almost anyone. It’s often easy to overlook the amount of creative energy and minds that are involved in the projects that we work on, but with so many people involved and collaboration being so crucial, Chris spends a lot of time on the phone.

14% – Editing, Retouching, and backing up photos. Another aspect of our job that’s easy to overlook is how much time it actually takes to manage all those photos, from editing, storing, backing up, and retouching. Even (like you can see in the shot above) when we’re traveling.

8% – Traveling really takes time. Whether it’s the two hour drive up to NYC or a 12 hour flight to Hawaii, it’s actually amazing how much work can get done on the road and while traveling. If nothing else, it’s a great time to sit and think (somewhat) undisturbed about making pictures

7% – Bookeeping, invoicing, dealing with taxes & insurance. It’s no fun, but it pays the bills and keeps the ball rolling.

1% – Actually legitimately partying like a Rockstar. It happens.

Not to mention, the fuel to keep it all going – quite literally, Rockstar.

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