Hunter Pence – The Next Great Phillie

The Next Great Phillie.

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and another promising season of  baseball is upon us. If that wasn’t enough to get us excited about the upcoming season, we recently had the opportunity to photograph Phillie’s outfielder Hunter Pence for Philadelphia Magazine.

Towards the end of January we made our way to Citizen’s bank park to continue our now three year tradition of Philadelphia Phillies photoshoots.

As usual, we had only had a few minutes to shoot with our star, so we arrived early and planned out two setups. Even though we only had a tiny window of time with Hunter, everyone took a minute to go over the shoot and plan out the pictures before we got started.

The first set of shots had Pence rocking the current Phillies jersey… this was after he politely refused and apologized for not reenacting his shirtless runway performance from a recent charity fashion show.

The talented Victoria Roggio was on set to provide some hair & makeup. Yes, I think this was the first time Hunter has ever had that kind of beauty treatment.

After the first set of shots, Pence changed into the retro uniform and stepped up to the imaginary plate.

After the shoot wrapped, Hunter and Chris looked through some of the images with Jesse Southerland, art director for Philadelphia Magazine.


Here’s a quick time-lapse of the shoot, shot from a few different angles to best capture the action. Enjoy!

And of course I had to throw in one outtake… Here’s our assistant Jared Castaldi up to bat, most likely showing Hunter Pence how it’s done.

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  1. awesome work. was hoping you shared some post processing technique in those past series of the beginning to end of shoot. the style is sick. as for this color seamless. perfect. i’ve been seeing more and more of these, i guess, earthy tones, for seamless lately. i dig. congrats again.

  2. Is there anyway you can send me some of the “out take” photos of the shoot with Hunter? I would love to put some awesome effects and cool things together with these “phantstic” photos !! Thank you in advance for your consideration !! You can email them to !!

  3. Will these be available as poster prints in the future? Love the old-school photos.

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