Inventing The Future Part III – The Fun

Earlier this year we received a call from across the Atlantic Ocean. The editors at Wired UK magazine had an incredibly ambitious project ahead of them that they asked us to be a part of: one week, four photographers, over thirty photo-shoots, and a triple gate-fold cover featuring sixteen of the brightest and most inspiring minds in the world at the MIT Media Lab. How could we say no?

This project for the November issue of Wired UK was one of the most interesting editorial assignments we’ve ever been a part of We headed behind the scenes for you in series of posts here on the blog, starting with the cover, then onto the features, and now finally with the third and equally important part of any week-long photo project: the fun. We shot a ton of photos for this project, both on set and off… keep reading for more stories and photos about our week at the MIT Media Lab.

Starting the blog post off right, we need to share a few work-related photos. That being said, there were a ton of light tests… including some that were photos-of-photos.

And another… This one happening to be the recipient of some slick Instagram filters.

It wasn’t all fun and games and instagramming – sometimes we had to get down to business and get some work done besides making awesome photos. Chris did an excellent job of capturing my “do not disturb” face in this shot.

Being at the MIT Media Lab, there was also lots and lots of… science! And fun and interesting things to touch and play with. Please don’t ask what this thing was, I only really remember that it was squishy and had a lot of wires running inside of it.

There also happened to be lots of unintentionally matching shirts between photographers and photo editors. No, this wasn’t some kind of science experiment or optical illusion or anything to do with the MIT Media Lab, just what happens when great minds think alike.

Speaking of photographers, it was an especially fun week since we got the chance to hangout with an extremely talented bunch of guys including Spencer Lowell (and his sweet fist tattoos above), Brad Swoentz, and…

Last but certainly not least, still-life shooter David Arky, seen above working with some crazy piece of technology.

Without a doubt, when you get that many talented minds together, there’s bound to be a few beers and long nights to match the equally long days and crazy shoot schedules.

(note that yes, this is one of those video-machine-games in a bar called “photo pop” and yes, we couldn’t even get the damn top score)

When you gather four photographers, four photo assistants, a photo editor, and an art director around a big long table filled with BBQ, beers, and biscuits, everyone starts sharing their war stories like long-time comrades. Whether east coast, or west, USA or Britain, it amazed me the common experiences we all managed to share being in the creative industry.

It seems to me that photographers aren’t often brought together to all work on one project, and quite frankly, I don’t see why it doesn’t happen more often. The combined creative energy and creative experiences of that week created photos and ultimately a special edition of Wired UK that was absolutely greater than the sum of it’s parts.

That being said, I think Chris and I may have gone a little crazy that week. If the photo above isn’t good proof, let me direct your attention to the photo below – a very familiar sight after a hard day or a long week’s worth of work.