Kind Words from Caitlin Peters

You may remember  photo editor Caitlin Peters from our 10 questions series or the handful of awesome assignments we’ve worked on with her in the past few years.

She was recently tapped by PDN PhotoServe to describe working with one of her favorite photographers. We are very happy to report that she picked Chris and equally honored and humbled by her kind words. Keep reading for more of Caitlin’s thoughts and some of our favorite photos from collaborating with her over the past few years…

“What makes Chris’s talent unique is that no matter who or what the subject is, he manages to capture details or emotions that most miss.  When photographing people, he has an uncanny ability to keep his subjects feeling comfortable, bringing them to a point of visual grace.  Inanimate subjects are treated with equal respect, and he is able to find beauty in nearly every space.”

“I was both impressed and relieved when Chris managed to capture this gorgeous image  of Toby Keith (above)  tuning up backstage while on assignment for AARP The Magazine. He was an elusive celebrity who gave the magazine permission to photograph him, but he said he wouldn’t pose for a photo.  He was true to his word, not stopping once to look at the camera for even a single frame.  This image is why I love working with Chris.  Under the most unusual of circumstances, he will keep working until he captures the perfect image for his client.”

“It is difficult to photograph an icon who everyone knows, yet he captured such a beautiful moment in the above photograph.  I think this is a great example where he really gets into the soul of the subject, capturing Dr. Goodall in a serene setting where nature is appropriately the secondary subject.”

Make sure to read the full article over at PDN. You should also take a peek at Caitlin’s website where you can see the depth and quality of her vision as a photo editor:

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