Monthly Wrap – September 1st – October 4th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Hold on, wait a second. It’s October? What… happened to the month of September? How did we go an entire month without a single weekly wrap-up? Well it’s a bit of a long story – one that involves a lot of shooting, a lot of travel, and even a tiny little vacation to catch our breath – all jam packed into the last 30 days. The past month has been bi-coastal for us, shooting in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, NYC, and even Washington DC. It’s been a busy 30 days and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can send out a wrap up before it’s time for Christmas. For now though, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this month…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We put a lot of miles on the road this month, traveling to the west coast for a week of shooting.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

As well as making our rounds up and down the east coast to make photos. As with any month of shooting there were lots and lots of test shots of yours truly.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

With all of our shoots this path month, things may have gotten a little weird – or well, really weird. It’s all in a days work with the Crisman team.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

September did afford us a little time to produce some new personal work and make some new prints from our wall – including this stately looking portrait from the San Antonio zoo.


We also spotted some new work out in the wild this month – if you can grab a copy of Texas Monthly, make sure to take a look!

As far as what you may have missed these past month on the internet:

 – We shared the first in a series of ads for the city of San Antonio’s Unforgettable tourism campaign

 – We also went in-depth into the retouching on how this composite came together

 – Our Agent, Heather Elder shares thoughts on the bidding process from art buyer Colleen Dean

 – APhotoEditor has a guest post written by Shannon Fagan on the intricacies of working in China

 – APhotoEditor also asks the question – Why is there sexism in editorial photography?

Last but not least…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

… it never stops around here.

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