NASCAR Night Race

Months ago we gave you all a sneak peek and now here’s the main event – we’re excited to release the first in a series of photos from our NASCAR race shoot. We worked some magic by turning day into night and created some serious high-stakes racing photos. Keep reading to see the rest of these NASCAR night photos and a few behind the scenes from our day at the track…

Some photos you can only get when you’re 20+ feet off the ground – so we made it happen.

We were trying to capture the high-intensity and high-speed moments of stock car racing, from crossing the finish line to working in the pit.

What do you think? Did we work magic turning day into night with these NASCAR photos? Shout out @crismanphoto or drop us a thought in the comments.

10 replies to “NASCAR Night Race”

  1. Just incredible work from all aspects of Chris Chrisman Photography! The photography is is spot on and the retouching is just incredible.

    I know that lens choice mostly depends on the assignment, but, does he have a “go to” lens he really likes to use? I know I have my favorite for my work. It seems silly but I actually have more confidence using it. Just curious if Chris has a favorite.

  2. Great question – we could only get on the track in the daytime, and since this was a self-produced shoot we tried to get as much done in a short period of time as possible.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Rick. Chris’s default lens is the 24-70mm. I’d say that probably 95% of our photos are shot with that, or the equivalent focal length on our Hasselblad system. I’m also excited to say that we might have the updated 24-70 II in the mail headed our way…

  4. Thanks Robert! I was guessing 85mm from seeing all the BTS shots but it makes sense. I heard the new Canon 24-70mm II is optically superior (noticeably) to the first version. Chris will love it, I’m sure.

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