NASCAR Sneak Peek

Since we’ve already tackled F1 Racing and photographed the world champion Sebastian Vettel, we decided it was time to keep the racing spirit alive and work on a NASCAR project. You might remember a weekly wrap-up from back in September when we spent a day at the track making photos, and now we’re hyped to release the first few of those images on the blog. There are a ton more to come, but for now keep reading for some previously unreleased behind the scenes…

No photo-shoot on a race track would be complete without Chris way up high in a cherry picker. And yes, if you’re wondering from the finished photo above… we did only have a few stock cars to work with. We can thank the retouching magic of our digital artist Taisya Kuzmenko for the high-stakes racing action created in the final image.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to spend on the track….

Or for a better pit crew on hand to work on the cars. Too bad they didn’t need any extra drivers that day.

Stay tuned for more shots from our NASCAR promo shoot… there are plenty more to come as soon as they’re done with the retouching. Want to see more soon? Let us know @crismanphoto and @robertluessen or drop us a comment on this post.

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  1. That’s good stuff. If you get anything like that in the Chicago area, I’m a great gear schleper and can hold a light stand like nobody’s business.

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