New Mexico Landscape Behind-the-Scenes

A few weeks ago we found ourselves hopping on a flight down to New Mexico a few days earlier than scheduled to avoid an incoming winter storm. Getting out of Philly just in the nick of time, we landed in the southwest on a mission to make some great landscape photos.

They’re in the process of retouching right now and I can’t wait to show them when they’re done, but for know keep reading for more behind the scenes and more of the natural beauty of New Mexico…

We traveled far and wide in the great state of New Mexico, taking advantage of the tiny window of time we had to explore and make new landscape photos.

We spent one of our days navigating and trying not to get lost in the vast expanse of the white sands desert. Of course we were shooting photos the whole time.

As with any shoot, Chris had to do a few test shots in the white sands desert – @jaredcastaldi here standing in and looking badass as usual.

One of the shots on Chris’s landscape wish list that we crossed-off on this trip was a railroad panorama. We spent the good part of one of our mornings cruising west on the highway, running parallel to the tracks, seeking out the perfect vantage point. Once we found it, it was only a matter of waiting… waiting a very long time…

The trains did not disappoint though – after a very windy and very, very cold 45 minutes we had our hero train!

Last but certainly not least, a word to the wise when booking car rental. If there’s a possibility that you might be off-roading through unknown territory in the deserts of New Mexico, a minivan may not be your best bet, but you can make it work if you need to (whatever you do, don’t tell Hertz).

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