New Mexico Railway Landscape

Here it is! Our newest landscape, shot last month in the deserts New Mexico. I should start by explaining that this photo has been almost a year in the making. The idea was sparked in Chris’s mind about ten months ago when we traveled out to Cleveland Ohio for a shoot.

Traveling around the city and looking at all of the old school infrastructure, we were inspired to make a photo that paid homage to the legacy of industry. Even after we left Ohio, the inspiration stuck with us. Keep reading for more of the story behind this photo…

Although we may not have gotten the perfect shot almost a year ago in Ohio (we took a few cool ones), we’ve been driven to make it happen ever since.

Fast-forward ten months and our day actually started with a steaming hot bowl of Menudo aka tripe soup. Yes it might sound a little crazy, but we were down in the southwest and I needed some fortification for the adventure ahead of us.

After breakfast we hit the road in our rental car, headed west from Albuquerque. Lucky for us the highway ran almost parallel to the railway so we cruised out into the desert looking for the perfect spot where we could setup the camera.

Almost an hour away from the city we spotted a rail-bridge that would provide the perfect vantage point for the shot that we’ve been trying so long to make. With no trains in sight, we setup the camera and started shooting.

The whole crew had fingers crossed as we waited in the freezing cold desert for a train.

Yup. It was cold. And windy. Very cold and windy.

It was so cold in fact that I may have retreated to the warmth of the rental car while Chris braved the elements.

After almost an hour, our train finally came.

And of course it was worth the wait – the location, the sky, the train, it all came together to make the final shot, even if it was almost a year in the making.

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  1. Hey Chris! I am a student at FIT in NYC and really love your work. I am trying to make similar types of landscapes but am having a hard time getting the same type of shadow detail you get out of my digital camera (canon 5dmkII). Your work and vision is very inspiring. Are there any tips you can give me to help me process such a rich file like yours, for example, the depth in the shadows of the train are great. i feel like when I shoot like this, they would go black

  2. Hey Adam, thanks for the kind words… if you’re trying to achieve that level of detail throughout the entire image, you might want to try taking multiple exposures and blending them together, either manually in photoshop or through an HDR toning software, like photomatix. Hope that helps!

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