Oprah Magazine: Journeys

We recently worked with O, the Oprah Magazine shooting both in the studio and on location in Colorado for their June issue, the Journeys issue. It was quite the trip, taking us from the studio in New York, to the wilds of western Colorado, making photos all the while. Keep reading to see more photos and behind the scenes…

For the opening spread, which was shot in studio (along with the “O” opener page seen above) we worked closely with our photo editors to concept and create images that could show all the different places your journeys can take you.

Aside from the studio work, we went on our own journey to Colorado to photograph Christie Aschwanden, author, journalist, and former world traveler who made a very deliberate attempt to settle down in Cedaredge, Colorado, vowing not to travel more than 100 miles from her home. I would try and explain further, but rather than paraphrase, Christie eloquently explains it:

“The repetition is the point. I know the landscape like the coyote knows it, the way an animal memorizes its habitat. Little by little, my soul and this patch of earth have mingled.”

Chris and I were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Christie, making photos on her farm and getting to know the land around her.

And what a land it is… Cedaredge isn’t a bad place to settle down and connect with. Located in western Colorado, the views mix between desert and mountains. Not bad.

Christie, Chris and Oskar make their way down the road near Christie’s house, don’t worry, we didn’t make her venture anywhere near past the 100 mile marker for our photos, there were plenty of amazing locations nearby.

Aside from her dog Oskar, Christie has a whole flock of chickens that produce a plethora of eggs for her and her neighbors (and eventually chicken dinners).

Even though we were shooting for the June issue, we unfortunately encountered freezing cold weather in Colorado. Yes it was beautiful, but it definitely wasn’t warm.

Christie was a trooper for putting up with the weather. Since it was for the June issue, our wardrobe had to be seasonal – the parka from the above shot was for light tests only.

And last but not least, if you ever wonder what Chris does when he’s not behind the camera… that’s right, caught in the act playing with some chickens.

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