Oprah Magazine: Transitions

Earlier this summer, we worked with O, the Oprah Magazine to shoot the opening spread and feature for their September issue on Transitions. For the opener, we worked with our editors at the magazine and an extremely talented crew of set designers, fabricators and stylists to bring to life the concept of transition and change. Keep reading to see how this image came together and watch a behind the scenes time-lapse of the entire shoot…

As planning for the shoot went on, we decided that building the set outdoors on the actual sidewalk would look most authentic. Since we were working in the middle of summer, we knew that we would be cutting everything close in terms of weather – the forecast on our shoot day called for afternoon thunderstorms and we didn’t have any time to waste building the set and getting our shots

Thankfully, mother nature cooperated and let us finish our shoot (With some time to shoot a few extra images and scenarios) before the heavens unleashed on our set. Our model and stylists dashed indoors and the crew frantically struck the set despite the downpour and impending thunderstorm. Don’t worry though – no crew members or camera equipment were struck by lightning.

Stay tuned for the second part of our shoot for the Transitions issue of Oprah Magazine – our assistant Jared Castaldi will share some stories and photos from his trip with Chris to the wilds of rural Arizona.

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