Philadelphia Magazine: The List Issue

Did you ever think post-it notes could be that exciting? Keep reading to see our time-lapse behind the scenes of the whole shoot and a few other photos from the day…

With the task ahead of creating a carpet of office supplies, we stopped for a moment and thought how awesome it would be to record the shoot with a time-lapse. Enjoy it!

The morning started early enough with the slightly daunting thought of making an entire floor out of Post-its. Lucky for us though, our editors at Philly Mag did the math and arrived with thousands and thousands of sticky notes. Which very soon ended up all over the floor.

I think somewhere over 2,500 total ended up stuck to the studio floor that day.

Not to mention a few more that were dropped in at the end of the shoot by yours truly.

I know, it’s a tough job… but someone has to do it. If you think I’m kidding, well, obviously you’ve never had to toss post-it notes onto a set before. Think about it for a second, they all stick together, don’t they?

I think we all walked away from that shoot with a new-found appreciation for otherwise boring office products.

8 replies to “Philadelphia Magazine: The List Issue”

  1. Love this month’s cover. It was probably the first Philadelphia Magazine cover that made me stop and say, “No F-in Way!” “Philadelphia produced this?!” Thank you Chris for “posting” a great idea 🙂


  2. Great post as Felicia said! Thanks for the fun behind the scenes video. Out of curiosity, who’s the model?

  3. Great ‘post’ and a very interesting read. The time lapse video was also a great help in visualizing the great effort put into creating the ‘sticky’ cover! Great work! 😉

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