Photography + Technology + BBQ

What do you get when you gather an international crew of photographers and creatives to a hub of technology and innovation in Boston, Massachusetts to work on an unprecedented editorial project? I wish we could revel the answer right now, but unfortunately we’ve got to wait until the magazine is released. For now though, keep reading for a sneak peek of what we can show…

What we can tell you now though is that we’re in the middle of a week long shoot, working in tandem with an incredibly talented group of photographers and creatives from the US and UK.

We’re shooting at a world renowned center of innovation and technology, making an amazing amount of photos…

And of course, after we wrap each day, there’s plenty of beer and good conversation to be had amongst the crew.

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  1. I believe you should create a book out of all of the BTS images with a soft/octabox obscuring the identity of the subject.

    That is all.

    Love the work

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