San Antonio Behind the Scenes – The Grip Truck

chris crisman advertising tourism san antonio grip van

We’ve just wrapped up twenty days of shooting down in San Antonio Texas, working on a massive project that took us all over the place, shooting  the best things the city has to offer. I know you’re hoping that right about now is going to be the big reveal where we share what the project is about and show you some images. Not quite. I promise that the full story and the big reveal are on the way, and you’ll just have to be patient until we can show it.

I am excited today to talk about a very special part of the shoot – a Dodge Sprinter Van. Have we finally gone crazy – a blog post about a van? Yes, I might be crazy, but this is no normal vehicle. This grip truck that I was proud to drive for the past few weeks is truly something special….

chris crisman advertising tourism san antonio grip van

You might be inclined to just call this a grip truck or an equipment van, but for the past few weeks down in Texas, it was so much more – it was a rolling Swiss army knife. Almost any shoot involves some problem solving, and working in locations that ranged from Seaworld, to a rodeo, to the zoo, and even underground in a cave meant that every day our crew woke up knowing that we needed to create solutions on the fly. Without the kit of gear available in this truck, we would have certainly been hard-pressed to make it all happen.

chris crisman advertising tourism san antonio grip van

What kinda gear are we talking about? Pretty much everything imaginable. Thanks to a built in 2000 watt inverter, even the van itself is an indispensable piece of a location kit.

Inside is where the magic really happens. Equipped with C-stands, combo stands, boom arms, 12×12′ and 6×6′ flags, silks and solids – there’s nothing this thing can’t handle. Aside from the heavy duty grip, there’s also a healthy assortment of clips, arms, apple boxes, and enough sandbags to weigh down almost anything.

chris crisman advertising tourism san antonio grip van

For lack of a better word to explain it, the sheer amount of grip in this van is inspirational. Call me crazy if you like, but faced with the strangest shooting scenarios down in Texas, or crew was undaunted – we knew that there was some piece of equipment in the truck that could solve whatever problem we came across.

Trust us, if you’re ever shooting down in Texas and you need a studio on wheels, make sure to give the folks at Texas Grip a call.

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  1. That is an awesome van! Did you guys outfit the vehicle with the grip gear or rent fully stocked?

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