Shooting for Shell V-Power & Ferrari

chris crisman shell vpower ferarri photos

There’s just a certain undeniable cool factor when it comes to working with a brand like Ferrari. Earlier this year, we were down in the great city of Atlanta working on a co-branded project with Shell V-Power Fuels and Ferrari. What’s better than pairing super-premium fuels with an internationally recognized super-car? When you add Chris and the rest of our crew in the mix to capture shots of it all going down. Keep reading for more stories and behind the scenes from our shoot…

chris crisman shell vpower ferarri photos

For the shoot, we were tasked with creating imagery that helped illustrate the link between Shell V-Power fuels and the world class power and cool factor of Ferrari, a technical partner with the premium gasoline. This meant that we needed to pull our scientists out of the laboratory and take them onto the racetrack – both figuratively and literally in our photos.

chris crisman shell vpower ferarri photos

Who let the B-team on set for this shot?

All joking aside, As you can see from the photo above – on our tech scout, we blocked out the location of the Ferrari and the Shell scientist talent. It was crucial that we had every detail accounted for on set to make the most of our busy shoot day.

chris crisman shell vpower ferarri photos

while on set, the day was smooth sailing. We had the advantage of perfect weather and beautiful partly cloudy skies to bring everything together. Using 2 large octabanks to light our hero talent and the Ferrari, we took advantage of the sunlight to fill in anything that our strobes missed. When you’re working in a beautiful location with cool talent and the coolest prop around – A 2012 Ferrari California, it’s hard not to make great photos.

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  1. Awesome shots! And it’s great to see a pre-processed version of the shot. Do you guys plan out the final look of the shot before capturing it? ie. Was the sky reflection planned in advance, or was that thrown in later? The style of post processing on Cris’ work is outstanding. So clean and such a distinct look. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AHHH! That’s the Cobb Performing Arts Center in Marietta! I live all of 5 miles from there… It was also the “CDC” in the first season of The Walking Dead. LOL

  3. Hey Patrick, thanks for the questions. The scout photo was actually shot the day before (on a cloudy day) with only ambient light. The sky reflection was real on the day of our shoot – thank you mother nature!

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