Studio Manager Mediation: Presence

We work like crazy. As a studio manager/producer/assistant/blogger life very rarely slows down to the point where I can step back and reflect on it. When it does though, I find myself mulling over aspects of this job that might seem so inconsequential, but for me hold deeper meanings. I’ve decided to start this monthly series on the blog to take a minute and stop, reflect, and write about some of the aspects of being a studio manager that really impact me. These are my studio manager meditations.



Maybe I’m crazy, but more and more lately I feel like it is getting easier to lose oneself in the happenings of others. In other words, between all of the outlets on the internet and in social media, surfing, status updates, instragram photos, foursquare check-ins and tweets can infiltrate the day to day and fill in gaps in our daily to the point where the need to keep up-to-date digitally is outweighing what’s really happening around us. Photos and images play a huge part in this online sphere and being in this industry, we have a very deep connection to that content.

As creators of images, we make our living and we thrive creatively in the act of making, taking, and sharing pictures. On the best days at the job, we could be far from the studio, in an inspiring location working with special individuals to capture their spirit onto film. We are incredibly fortunate enough to travel far and wide all in the name of capturing images to be shared, sold, and disseminated to the population at large. A normal day at the office may take us to the wildest extremes of the earth, or in the company of celebrities, titans of business, or other equally awe-inspiring subjects. We are so fortunate to have access to this treasure trove of personal experiences – and to call it work – not to mention to be paid to have these experiences is a wonderful way to spend one’s days.

I can think of multiple times when I have been guilty of not being truly “in the moment” of the situations I’ve just described.  Is it more valuable to get the perfect instagram photo of an awe-inspiring landscape, or to just sit back for a moment and take in the view? This is something that I honestly am not sure of the answer. There’s certainly value in capturing and sharing the incredible experiences that this unique job affords us, but that process shouldn’t outweigh the inherent value of the experience.

The big question here is where does one draw the line? More specifically, where do we, as content creators draw that line? Should it fall in a different place than everyone else? Even though we derive value both in the inspirational and promotional sense from social media and all of these outlets for the dissemination of photography, are we allowed to fall victim to being sucked into it all too much? I’m sure that it varies from person to person, but more than ever for me it feels that the distinction between capturing a moment and being present for that moment is becoming blurred. In that sense, I am striving to remain present.