Surfing in Puerto Rico

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

In the fall of 2014 the Crisman team made a quick trip down to the amazing island of Puerto Rico for an assignment. Although we could have stayed for weeks, our schedule only afforded us a few days in paradise – where we did what we do best, we made pictures.

Traveling to the surf capitol of the island, Rincón, we headed straight for the beach in search of the sun, sand and photos to be had. It was on the appropriately named Surf beach that we met up with Rincón local Koty and her dog Maya to shoot a few frames.

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

Of course there were very few complaints from the crew – despite the fact that we often had to play human light-stand with a 7B backpack strapped to our backs. No worries though, no assistants, cameras, or lighting gear were lost on this trip.

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

We owe a big thank you to Koty and our crew in Puerto Rico for all of their help in making this shot and a handful of others possible –

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  1. Great shots! Looks like you were able to achieve a lot of things in the few days! But yeah, a few weeks would have been more awesome! Rincon is pretty good. When you get the chance again, check out Isabela and Aguadilla.

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