MGM: Rivea Restaurant & Chef Bruno Riou

There are very few moments that a restaurant kitchen is quiet. It is a living thing that thrives on high-energy, passion, and creativity. A highly functional kitchen will feed many people delicious and memorable food every night with each plate prepared with care and love.

In the heart of Rivea Restaurant is where you will find Executive Head Chef Bruno Riou. With a decade of experience working with Alain Ducasse in London, he seized an opportunity to run is own kitchen in Las Vegas at miX and then in 2015 at Rivea restaurant.

One of the challenges a photo crew working in a kitchen is that a photo crew isn’t supposed to be in a kitchen. The space is created for the chefs to work as efficiently as possible. To successfully work with each other like well oiled machines is a requirement for a kitchen and photo team alike. With that in mind we danced about the stainless steel maze photographing Bruno at work.

But what is better with a meal than a perfect pair glass of wine. Somellier Matthew George manages one of the largest wine cellars in Las Vegas that consists of 8500 bottles of 1700 different label selections.

Same as the kitchen, a wine cellar is not meant for a photo crew. There was once again a need for creative collaboration to capture the grandness of the space.

With a few climbing of ladders and Chris wedging himself in an automated sliding door. At the end of the day, we made beautiful photos, worked with great people, and had a wonderful time in Las Vegas

Featured In: Communication Arts Photography Annual 56

crisman wild horses

Hey everyone! This years Communication Arts Photography Annual was just delivered here to our studio. We’re always excited when this issue falls on our desk – there’s always so much amazing work included. So we’re equally excited to announce that our “Wild Horses” photo was selected to be included in the Advertising section!


 We also owe a big congrats to fellow group member, Andy Anderson, for scoring the cover this year with a beautiful shot from his book, SALT. And we can’t forget fellow shooters Richard Schultz, Hunter Freeman, and Leigh Beisch – so proud to be part of such a talent group with Heather Elder Represents.


Questions? Comments? Let us know at @crismanphoto on Instagram and /crismanphoto on Facebook.

Unforgettable San Antonio – It’s Almost Time…

chris crisman san antonio tourism

You may remember – way back in April, we started chattering on the blog about this big project we were working on, an advertising campaign that we felt was truly unique and exceptional. You also might remember weeks of behind the scenes photos from the great city of San Antonio, Texas – shots from almost every possible corner of the city. Well it’s been five months, tens of thousands of images, hundreds of gigabytes of data, and countless hours of retouching but we’re almost there.

We’re so impatient to share these incredible new images and the stories behind them that we just couldn’t wait until they were officially released. Unfortunately we won’t be showing the final campaign today but we do have the next best thing – a teaser trailer of behind the scenes footage from the shoot. We shot a handful of behind the scenes video throughout the project and there’s no better way to share how excited we are than to see it.

As for the campaign itself, the wait is almost over. We are very excited to announce that the first of the advertisements from the campaign will be going live later this week and we’ll have full coverage on the blog and next week. Stay tuned.

Double Weekly Wrap-up, May 13-24th

chris crisman advertising editorial photography weekly wrap

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last wrap-up. I swear it feels like three days, maximum. Even if I don’t believe it, the past fourteen days have kept us busy shooting editorial and advertising work all over the Philadelphia and NYC area. When we weren’t off shooting, we we back at home base in the studio, getting organized and gearing up for the next set of adventures on the horizon. Want a closer look?  Keep reading for what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks…


Weekly Wrap-up, March 25th-29th

chris crisman advertising editorial photography weekly wrap

It’s Friday and we finally have a minute to catch our breath and look back at the past few days- as usual, it’s been a whirlwind. After a brief stop in Texas, Chris found himself starting off the week in Las Vegas. After only 48 hours (and a few very lucky hands of blackjack later) he moved onward, hopping on a plane to Portland for an editorial shoot, and then back to home base in Philadelphia for the tail end of the week. As for the rest of the Crisman crew, we kept it local these past few days, getting prepared for the next big adventure in the coming weeks. How did it all shake out? Keep reading for a few more shots from this week…


Staying in Focus

chris crisman interview patrick onofre podcast


“The driving force of my career is making work where I’m the art director, I’m the stylist, I’m the photographer – where it’s totally independent and I’m controlling as many aspects as possible. [Commercial photography] is a very cooperative effort to meet in the middle… but when I do my own work, there are no rules. I just make the pictures that I’m passionate about, the pictures that I stay up at night, trying to conceive.”


A few weeks ago we hopped on Skype for an hour or so and spoke with Washington DC based photographer, blogger, and podcast-er Patrick Onofre. Patrick has been producing the Staying in Focus Podcast since 2012 and we are honored to be featured in his most recent episode. Over the course of the show, Chris and Patrick chat about everything from the Philadelphia restaurant scene to his tastes in photography, to what really drives Chris to make photos. It’s not often that we have the time to sit down and talk about photography, make sure to give it a listen!

A big thanks to Patrick – make sure to check out the rest of the Staying in Focus podcast (which you can subscribe to on iTunes), as well as checking him out @OnofreShoots. Any questions, thoughts? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know.

Top 15 on-set Tunes

chris crisman top music blog

A few months ago, fellow photographer @danwangphoto reached out with a seemingly simple question – “What are some of your all time on set music playlist go-to’s?” What a damn good question.

What I came to realize in trying to write this blog post is that it’s a daunting question as well. Music on set is a very tricky business; you have to set the mood, keep everyone energized, and keep that flow going for hours at a time.

This is very serious business, so naturally I consulted with the experts – our crew of superstar assistants and fellow shooters (the usual suspects: Jared Castaldi, Jeff Elkins, and Tye Worthington). We put our heads together and came up with a consensus of our all time favorite jams that we want to hear on set.