American Craft: Philadelphia Artisans

chris crisman american craft enviormental portrait

Some of our best days on set are spent working with other artists. Every subject who finds their way in front of Chris’s lens has something unique to offer, but more often than not artists see the world and themselves in such special ways that some of our best images come from the collaboration we can develop with other creatives. Those days are why we love when the editors at American Craft call with a new assignment. These shoots in particular were to honor Philadelphia artisans being inducted into the American Craft College of Fellows, a prestigious group of artists who have contributed significantly to the craft community.

We spent a few days earlier this summer collaborating with a few Philadelphia artisans. Keep reading to see more…


Peg And Awl

The craft movement is alive and well in America, moving beyond the longstanding constraints of local shops and traveling craft fairs, globalized by the internet and buoyed by the advent of social media.

Margaux and Walter Kent are the embodiment and antithesis of this globalization of craft – living, sourcing, and working locally, yet selling globally thanks to their Etsy store and sales through other outlets like, they have managed to embody a unique position as artisans in the internet age. We had a chance to spend two days with them at their home and workshop in Philadelphia, documenting their craft, family and artifacts. Keep reading to see.