How We Travel.

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We travel a lot. So much in fact that you could say we have it down to a science. Before we even arrive at the airport, Chris and our team know that everything is in order – when you’re on the road and up in the air as much as we are, you can’t leave anything to chance. How do we do it? Keep reading for an in-depth look at how we travel…

From The Archive: Florida Lifestyle

It’s January, it’s winter, it’s cold.

Chris and the rest of our crew certainly get around this country and beyond, but this week we’re back at home base in Philadelphia and it’s chilly. The weather put me in a mindset to remember what we were up to right around now in 2011, when we headed down to Florida for our first lifestyle portfolio shoot. We packed up our gear, as well as some sunglasses and took off to the sunshine state to make some beautiful photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better week, but the pictures speak for themselves. Keep reading to see more…


2013 – A look Forward

And we’re back.

After a much needed bout of rest and relaxation for Chris, myself, and everyone else on team Crisman, we’re excited to be back in action looking ahead to 2013. I always find the first few weeks of the year to be an interesting time – it feels almost like the first moments before dawn, right before the sun rises. You’re a little groggy, bleary eyed, but excited and hopeful for what the day ahead will bring.

Even though we’re only in the early dawn of the year, there’s a ton to be excited about already. As I’m writing this Chris is already on the road headed out to a shoot, and later this week we’ll be making our way down south for another project. Beyond that we’ve got a handful of adventures planned this year, and who knows what else will crop up along the way.

As for this blog in 2013 – we’ll keep sharing! We’ve spent the last two years telling our story and the new year can only bring bigger and better things for this blog. We’re curious though, what else do you want to know? What other information can we share? What do you really want to know? Drop us a line in the comments or @crismanphoto & @robertluessen.