Washingtonian: Relax, Recharge, Renew

chris crisman editorial washingtonian magazine spa cover

Whenever the editors at Washingtonian call for a cover shoot, we know we’re in for something different. Whether it’s shooting DC’s top restaurant, or braving a raging river to get the shot, it’s always an experience worth having and absolutely a photo worth making. For their latest issue, we thought we had it easy – relaxing and shooting a few photos at a world class spa. Little did we know the unique situation we were about to get ourselves into. Keep reading for more…


Philadelphia Magazine: Amazing Spaces

chris crisman philadelphia magazine cover amazing spaces

When we were approached by the team at Philadelphia Magazine to create and shoot the cover for their design issue, we knew there was a great opportunity on the table. The editors wanted to create a cover that distilled down the idea of interior design to it’s basics and capture the essence of a clean, beautiful interior space.

We’ve been building quite a few sets lately so our first call was to our talented set builder and prop stylist mastermind, Matthew Englebert. What started as nothing more than a few inspirational pieces of swipe and a long brainstorming session over the phone resulted in an amazing set build and a day full of doing what we do best – making beautiful pictures. As always, we have a ton more to share. Keep reading for more…


Inventing The Future Part I – The Cover

Earlier this year we received a call from across the Atlantic Ocean. The editors at Wired UK magazine had an incredibly ambitious project ahead of them that they asked us to be a part of: one week, four photographers, over thirty photo-shoots, and a triple gate-fold cover featuring sixteen of the brightest and most inspiring minds in the world at the MIT Media Lab. How could we say no?

This project for the November issue of Wired UK was one of the most interesting editorial assignments we’ve ever been a part of, and we’re going behind the scenes for you in series of posts here on the blog, starting with the massive three page cover itself.

Creating an image this complex deserves more than just a mention and we certainly have it for you – from behind the scenes photos to breaking down our lighting, and even an interview with our digital artist. Keep reading to see how it all came together…


Bicycling Magazine – August Cover

A few months ago, we got a call from Bicycling Magazine to shoot a Raleigh Record Ace bike for the cover of their August issue. Usually when we shoot for Bicycling, there are riders involved, but we knew this would be a great cover even if our subject was just steel and rubber. Perfect spring weather, beautiful sunshine, and a day out in the country making photos of bikes – does it get any better? Keep reading for a few more behind the scenes from our shoot…