Chris Crisman Director – “Where to Look”

In the fall of 2012 we took on an exciting campaign, shooting still photography and directing video. Working for RTC Agency and AARP Services, Inc. – Chris took a seat in the directors chair to produce five 15 second spots as well as five matching print ads. The results? We couldn’t be more excited to debut them today.

chris crisman advertising director aarp commercial

Each of the five commercial spots has a matching print ad – our still crew worked in tandem with the video production to match the mood and feel of the motion in a single image.

chris crisman advertising director aarp commercial

As you can see from the commercials and the print ads, each still shot reflects that one crucial moment from the video when our hero subject realizes their mistake. We shot and directed the video spots first, quickly transitioning our strobes and octabanks in to replace the HMI lighting from the video crew.

chris crisman advertising director aarp commercial

Our shoot lasted three days over five different locations in and around New York City. We were up well before the sun on all of our shoot days, making the most of daylight in order to get this massive project shot.

chris crisman advertising director aarp commercial

Thanks to tons of planning and incredibly precise pre-production, we were able to make it all happen. It’s certainly no easy task to coordinate full scale photo and video production across multiple locations.

chris crisman advertising director aarp commercial

We owe a big thanks to our video crew for the shoot. They may have different and sometimes strange names for all of their grip, but they sure as hell can rig, light, and shoot in any location. It’s impressive.

Last but certainly not least, we captured behind the scenes footage of the entire experience and cut it to some awesome punk rock music. Directing and shooting real deal commercial video is a massive undertaking and this behind the scenes video barely scratches the surface of what we learned working with the film crew over those few days.

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Capital Girls Video

chris crisman captial girls aarp magazine video

In December of last year we received a call from our good friend Caitlin Peters and AARP The Magazine to shoot stills and a video interview with the critically acclaimed authors of Capital Girls. Writing under the pseudonym Ella Monroe, the duo behind the hit series of young adult novels is also known as Amy Reingold and Maz Rauber. We spent a few days down in Washington DC with Amy & Maz, delving into their daily lives as authors and bringing their creative process to life. Keep reading for our video interview and more shots…