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chris crisman conceptual personal portrait flower girl

One of the core ideas that we speak to on this blog is that of inspiration – where and how it can strike, what emotions and ideas it may elicit, and how we harness that into making photos. The Crisman team has spent the past few days on an advertising shoot out in California and after a beautiful (and extremely windy) day on set overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, I wrapped the day feeling reminiscent to all of our past adventures in California and the inspiring views we have taken in and capture along the way.

One specific trip comes to mind – a road trip in 2012 that took Chris and I from Los Angeles to San Fransisco, 11 hours up Route 1, the coast highway. Hours and hours of driving, countless stops to shoot, and a handful of incredible views and ultimately the inspiration for our Flower Child portrait that we shot later that year.

chris crisman california landscape travel tourism photography

chris crisman california landscape travel tourism photography

chris crisman california landscape travel tourism photography

When the world around you takes on light and shape like this, it’s hard not to feel inspired and it’s even harder not to feel the need to capture that beauty.

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New Conceptual Portrait – Flower Child

Here it is – our latest conceptual portrait. Following in the style of Paper Airplanes, Dock Jumper, and Butterfly Girl, we’re excited to release the latest and greatest in our series of personal work.

The landscape may look familiar from our trip to California earlier this year – the dramatic views of the west coast definitely served as inspiration for this picture. Make sure to head over to our website and see the image full size. Also, keep reading for behind the scenes photos & insight into how this newest image came together…


New Conceptual Portrait – Butterfly Girl

This is it – the moment we’ve been waiting for. The time has finally come to release our newest conceptual portrait. We’ve blogged about this photo a tiny bit in the past, and will fill you all in on the details in the future, but we absolutely couldn’t wait to share this image.

Make sure to head over to our portfolio site to see the photo in its full-sized glory and keep watching the blog for a more in-depth look at what it took to make this picture. Any questions about the photo? Make sure to send them our way @crismanphoto on twitter or drop us a note in the comments. Enjoy!

New Conceptual Portraiture

We’re excited to be releasing two brand new photos today. These conceptual portraits came about in a very similar process as our airplanes girl photo that we’ve blogged about in the past few weeks. Make sure to check out the main portfolio to see them in their full-size awesomeness.

Keep reading for some behind the scenes shots of how these photos came together…


Behind the Scenes: Cleveland Vibrator Company

You read that title right, Cleveland Vibrator Company. We’re spending the week photographing the hardworking all-American men and women behind an almost century old company in Cleveland Ohio. They manufacture and design industrial and scientific vibration equipment – think industrial mixers and conveyor-belts, not wherever else your mind might have wandered (the gutter perhaps?). It’s an amazing location filled with genuine people who we’ve had a chance to meet and photograph this week.

I’m sure we’ll be back to shoot more in the future but for now enjoy the video above and keep reading for more behind the scenes photos.