Captured52 + Chris Crisman

crisman wild horses

We’re excited to announce a new collaboration with Captured52, an amazing resource for large format, fine art photography. Starting this Saturday, 2/13 our award winning Wild Horses photo will be available as an open edition 40×60” print. We’re honored to be part of an elite group of image makers that include Sandro Miller, David Burnett, Simon Vahala, Adam Senatori, and Alex Buisse.

Captured52 releases for sale one photograph per week, all printed and framed in stunning large format. Our image will be printed in the USA by a master printer on heavyweight matte Hahnemühle paper, embossed with the Captured52 seal, date-stamped and custom framed in solid wood, museum shadowbox frame. Our Wild Horses image will be available for $1,952.00 including shipping and a large format journal at the end of 2016 featuring images and text from every participating photographer.

Questions, comments? Let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and /crismanphoto. Also make sure to keep up with @Captured52 on Instagram and Captured 52 on Facebook. The sale starts this Saturday 2/13 and will only be available for one week so act fast!


2015 in Review – Our Best Work

It may not feel like the end of December on the east coast, but as our team is wrapping up for 2015, we felt it was necessary to take a few minutes and reflect back on this year. We’ve been coast-to-coast and plenty of places in between; after countless traveling, producing, shooting, and retouching the year is finally winding down – and what a great one it has been. Keeping up with our yearly blog tradition, Chris and our team sat down and chose our favorites from 2015. Enjoy!

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

As always, none of the images above would be what they are without those who have helped us create them.  From our amazing clients and the awesome creatives we’ve worked with from all of the country and the world to the dedicated and resourceful crew who have helped produce, style, prop, dress, and light these shoots – and we can’t forget our subjects, the real people, the talented models, and everyone else in between who we capture with our lens: Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Cheers and make sure to let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and/crismanphoto!


Personal Work: Hot Air Balloons


Some images come together quickly while others take their time, changing and developing over weeks and months to be fully realized. Our hot air balloon photo definitely falls into the latter category; a photo that has been on Chris’s mind for quite some time and one that the team has been actively chasing since January of this year.

As with many great (or terrible) stories, this one starts in Las Vegas. In January of this year, we decided to finally pursue bringing Chris’s vision for a dynamic hot air balloon portrait to life – after some research and  a few phone calls, we were booked for the weekend with special aerial access at a small hot air balloon festival in Mesquite NV, only a few hours north of Las Vegas. As far as we were concerned, this was our chance to shoot a sky full of balloons – the perfect background for this photo.



That weekend in Mesquite, our team learned a lot about the world of hot air ballooning. We learned tons of information on balloons, safety regulations, wind and weather patterns, proper chasing techniques – the list of ballooning lingo goes on.



Unfortunately, despite all this newfound knowledge, one thing we most definitely did not do though, was fly in a hot air balloon. After two mornings of 5:00am call times in the middle of the desert, we left Nevada empty handed due to high winds and unsafe flying conditions; it was a bust (despite and voodoo or magical efforts Chris may be making in the photo above… the wind was just not on our side).

Did we give up? Of course not. As soon as we landed back in Philadelphia, we were on the search for the next balloon festival we could line up.



In the meantime, we were also searching for a truly amazing landscape to serve as the backdrop for this photo. We knew the perspective needed to be shot from the sky, so what did we do? Made sure we were carrying our cameras with us on almost every flight. It just so happened that a seaplane flight in Alaska provided the appropriately epic landscape we were looking for



Finally in August we set our sights on a huge festival in New Jersey – flying up with dozens of balloons and shooting the whole time, we captured hundreds of photos from all angles. After discussing and sketching and planning the image for months, we all had a pretty good idea of the pieces we needed to shoot, but once the balloons all took off, it was honestly a bit of a free-for-all to shoot as much as we could. We’ve learned that hot air balloons are not exactly the most predictable type of vehicle.

cc2015025 - Balloon talent

cc2015025 - Balloon talent

cc2015025 - Balloon talent

Last but not least, all we needed were our models, and of course another hot air balloon to shoot them in. Surprisingly enough, this may have been the easiest part of the photo. We worked with Carter County Flights, a small family owned company local to Philadelphia to help us achieve the final piece to this photographic puzzle. All that was left to find two great models, dress them and shoot a few photos.

It may have taken almost a year to come together, but we’re so happy with this image – it’s not always applicable, but in this case the final product is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

When it’s all said and done, we owe a big thank you to everyone who helped bring this image to life: The fine folks at the Casablanca Resort in Mesquite NV, everyone at the NJ Festival of Ballooning, the various members of our team who traveled, assisted, or helped shoot parts of this image, and of course our very talented models from Reinhard Philadelphia. Thanks all!

Questions? Comments? let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and /crismanphoto!

Featured In: Communication Arts Photography Annual 56

crisman wild horses

Hey everyone! This years Communication Arts Photography Annual was just delivered here to our studio. We’re always excited when this issue falls on our desk – there’s always so much amazing work included. So we’re equally excited to announce that our “Wild Horses” photo was selected to be included in the Advertising section!


 We also owe a big congrats to fellow group member, Andy Anderson, for scoring the cover this year with a beautiful shot from his book, SALT. And we can’t forget fellow shooters Richard Schultz, Hunter Freeman, and Leigh Beisch – so proud to be part of such a talent group with Heather Elder Represents.


Questions? Comments? Let us know at @crismanphoto on Instagram and /crismanphoto on Facebook.

New Personal Work: Neon Boy & The Golfer

Hi everyone! Jared here. You may remember me from past blog posts such as Assistant Interview: Jared Castaldi  and pretty much any other post where I’m standing in testing light for Chris or acting a fool. I’ve been working with Chris off and on over the years as an assistant, digital tech, second shooter, etc. You name it. But most recently I’ve been handed the task of telling the story of how we came to make two of Chris’ recent portfolio pictures: Neon Boy and Golfer.

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

Back in January of this year, Chris, Robert, Zack (our in house digital artist), and myself packed up and headed out west to Las Vegas. Chris had ideas for three pictures. Unfortunately due to weather issues, one of our pictures never came to be. I won’t mention what that picture was because it’s still in the works for later this summer. So you’ll just have to wait!

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitWhen we end up in Vegas, we usually end up at Tacos El Gordo. They are amazing. Go there and get the adobada tacos.

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait   And when you’re in Vegas, you usually end up at a Casino. We like the Cosmopolitan but we didn’t stay there this time (but we stayed in sight of it!). They have secret pizza. We like pizza.

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitHere you can see I’m taking a selfie of myself and the back of Robert’s head while riding an escalator in the Belaggio.

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitIt was the Chinese New Year while we were in Vegas. The Bellagio had a huge display in their lobby for it. The goats were robots and they moved around and made noises. Reminded me of the Chuck E. Cheese band. Pretty cool stuff.

So once we got settled our first stop was the Neon Graveyard. The Neon Graveyard is a park like space that is home to a bunch of old vintage signs from long long ago when Sinatra roamed the streets of Vegas. It’s an amazing place. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from there:

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

As you can see from the final Neon Boy picture up top, we pieced together a variety of the signs and transformed day into night. When we got back home, we shot our hero and a few other pieces in studio. I’m no retoucher but I’m sure Zack had a great time putting the whole thing together…

After we got what we needed for the Neon Boy picture, we headed out to Mesquite, NV. This is where mother nature screwed us out of our portfolio picture. Mesquite is a little town a few hours northeast of Vegas. It’s basically the middle of nowhere. I don’t recommend going there. We stayed at the Virgin River Hotel and Casino. I don’t recommend going there either unless you like second hand smoke and becoming extremely ill….. Let’s not mention Mesquite ever again. Let’s move on.

After our defeat in Mesquite, we headed to back to Las Vegas for our last shot, which details a day on the links with a storied golfer. We needed to get plates at a golf course for this shot and the fine people at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort were kind enough to give us free reign of their beautiful course.

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitCheck out that form! I’m actually an OK golfer. I shot an 84 last weekend. How ’bout that?

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitPresident and Vice President of Best Hair in the business right here. I hope they don’t crash their cart. Who will lead us then?!

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

chris crisman neon boy golfer portraitAnd again, our golfer in studio back in Philly.

Then things got weird. We stopped in El Dorado Canyon which is even more in the middle of nowhere than Mesquite. It’s the site of the oldest and richest gold mine in Nevada. There were also a bunch of murders and Indian raids here back in the day. We didn’t know what to expect…. Now it’s basically just a few houses and barns filled with all kinds of stuff/junk. I think you can pay them a small donation and they’ll let you walk around with a camera and take pictures.. so we did that. Here are some pictures. You can decide yourself…

chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait chris crisman neon boy golfer portrait

So this was our last stop on our trip. Our trip home was not fun though. We were sitting in our hotel room at around 8pm the night before our flights home. A huge blizzard was supposed to hit Philly a few hours before we landed and the airlines were starting to cancel flights. We got on the phones and booked red eye flights home to land before the storm. Unfortunately the rest of the west coast had the same idea and the four of us couldn’t fly on the same flights. Chris and I had to fly to Phoenix then home which went smootly but uncomfortably. Robert and Zack had to fly to Phoenix then to Orlando then home to Philly.

Their trip ended up being a real life version of the movie Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. It was not a good time for them. 🙁


PDN Photo Annual 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.46.20 AM

chris crisman running horses portrait

Hi everyone! We are very pleased to announce that we placed in the advertising category of this year’s PDN Photo Annual! Our photo of running horses from our shoot at Lone Mountain Ranch in Montana is among the many amazing pictures selected for this category.

Many thanks go out to the judges and PDN for choosing us this year. To view all the winners for this year, check out the gallery at:

Surfing in Puerto Rico

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

In the fall of 2014 the Crisman team made a quick trip down to the amazing island of Puerto Rico for an assignment. Although we could have stayed for weeks, our schedule only afforded us a few days in paradise – where we did what we do best, we made pictures.

Traveling to the surf capitol of the island, Rincón, we headed straight for the beach in search of the sun, sand and photos to be had. It was on the appropriately named Surf beach that we met up with Rincón local Koty and her dog Maya to shoot a few frames.

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

Of course there were very few complaints from the crew – despite the fact that we often had to play human light-stand with a 7B backpack strapped to our backs. No worries though, no assistants, cameras, or lighting gear were lost on this trip.

chris crisman enviormental portrait surfer

We owe a big thank you to Koty and our crew in Puerto Rico for all of their help in making this shot and a handful of others possible –

Questions? Comments? Let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and/crismanphoto!