Philadelphia Magazine: Martha Graham Cracker

1409_Martha-1Leave it to our friends over at Philadelphia Magazine to always call with a unique assignment. In the past while working with Philly Mag, we’ve shot anyone and everyone in our fine city – from mayors to titans of business, classic chefs, to the city’s movers and shakers. When the call came in last month to shoot Philadelphia’s most famous performers, Dito van Reigersberg, how could we turn it down? Just last month we spent the day with Dito’s character, Martha Graham Cracker making portraits – keep reading to see how it all turned out…


Philadelphia Magazine: The Big Raju

chris crisman philadelphia magazine ajay raju photos

A few weeks ago the creatives over at Philadelphia Magazine called the studio with an assignment to shoot one of the hottest personalities in the city – the high profile lawyer, mover and shaker, Ajay Raju. One of the boldest thinkers our city has seen in recent history, Raju is the self described “Indian Don King” – a reference to both his big hair and big ideas. And to make the whole deal even sweeter, we were to shoot him in his multimillion dollar home in the city, lavishly adorned with artwork, furniture, and gilded details that matched his personal bravado.

When given a chance to work with a subject like this, how can you turn it down? We certainly couldn’t. How was our day with Ajay? Keep reading to find out…


Philadelphia Magazine: Amazing Spaces

chris crisman philadelphia magazine cover amazing spaces

When we were approached by the team at Philadelphia Magazine to create and shoot the cover for their design issue, we knew there was a great opportunity on the table. The editors wanted to create a cover that distilled down the idea of interior design to it’s basics and capture the essence of a clean, beautiful interior space.

We’ve been building quite a few sets lately so our first call was to our talented set builder and prop stylist mastermind, Matthew Englebert. What started as nothing more than a few inspirational pieces of swipe and a long brainstorming session over the phone resulted in an amazing set build and a day full of doing what we do best – making beautiful pictures. As always, we have a ton more to share. Keep reading for more…


The Best Dressed List

chris crisman philadelphia magazine fashion best dressed

When a call came in from Philadelphia Magazine to shoot the most fashionable people in the city of Philadelphia, we knew this was an assignment we couldn’t turn down. If only to convince the world that our fair city was not the land of sweatpants and Eagles jerseys, we wanted to pay homage to the sartorially savvy among us in the city of brotherly love. Days of shooting, dozens and dozens of very fashionable new acquaintances and a cover shoot later, we’re finally here with The Best Dressed List.

Keep reading for more of the best dressed in Philly, as well as behind the scenes photos and a time-lapse video of how it all came together…


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Whenever our shoot location for the day has a strict “jacket and collared shirt” dress code, you know it’s going to be an interesting day. Back in December, Philadelphia Magazine asked Chris to shoot a group portrait at the Union League of Philadelphia, our city’s most exclusive members-only club. We were tasked with shooting a handful of Philly’s most influential gay men, known as the A-gays of the Union League.

An 8-person group portrait in one of the swankiest locations in the city – How did it go? Keep reading for behind the scenes photos and the details behind this shot…


Inside the Divine Lorraine

The Divine Lorraine Hotel sits on the north end of Broad street in Philadelphia, a decaying relic from the turn of the 20th century. Originally built to serve as apartments for the wealthy elite, the structure has fallen to ruin; it is graffitied and crumbling with a seemingly uncertain future. When we were asked by Philadelphia Magazine to photograph the Philadelphian with a dream for the place, we couldn’t say no. If nothing else, it meant we’d finally get a chance to see inside the crumbling walls.

Keep reading to see more stories & photos of our day with Eric Blumenfeld, the real estate developer who’s just crazy enough to want to revitalize the Divine Lorraine…


From The Archive: Georges Perrier

Less than six months ago marked the end of an era in Philadelphia history. The iconic restaurant, Le Bec-Fin closed its doors after 41 years as a mecca of fine French dining in our city and beyond. Philadelphia Magazine may have predicted it way back in 2009 when they ran the profile on Georges Perrier: Last Days of the French Chef. As part of that profile Chris made a few portraits of the Philly legend, famous for both his cooking and his temper.

Although it has certainly changed over the course of four decades, fine dining has not perished – and neither has Le Bec-Fin. Earlier this month after a remodeling and retooling of the kitchen, menus, and dining room, the culinary icon has reopened with a new chef at the helm. Will the new Le Bec-Fin live up to it’s former legacy and the golden days of fine dining? Only time will well. Will we be back to make portraits of the new chef? We certainly hope so.