Make way for the Robots.


Robots are coming. From airborne drones to assembly line workers, operating room surgeons to… comedians? Yes it’s true, our eventual robot overlords might just have a sense of humor thanks to the work of Social Roboticist Heather Knight. When we received a call from the fine folks over at Wired UK Magazine to photograph Heather and her Robot companion Data for the cover of their March 2013 issue, we got to work. What happened next? Keep reading for behind the scenes and a breakdown of our shoot…


Hawaii Magazine Cover

“Maui Bliss” – that couldn’t be more true. We’re happy to report that Hawaii Magazine is featuring one of Chris’s photos on their February 2012 Cover. You might remember back in May of last year when we were shooting this very photo in Hawaii – after a day like that I know I won’t forget. Keep Reading for a few more shots from that adventure.