Jesse Eisenberg : NY Observer


Hi everyone! Short and sweet post for you today. Back in July we got another call from the NY Observer. We love getting their calls because you never know who they’re going to have for us to shoot. They’ve given us Kevin Spacey, Henrik Lundqvist, Kevin Kline, and a few others in the past. If you haven’t seen them, there are posts for each. Check them out!

This time it turned out to be Jesse Eisenberg and we were super stoked on this one. I LOVE movies. I’ve seen every movie ever. So yeah.. I celebrate his entire catalog… He’s been in a ton of stuff. He played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. Zombieland is probably my favorite of his but Adventureland was great too. He’s also playing Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (!). Can’t wait! Anyways, back to it. He was great to photograph. Super generous with his time and very easy to talk to. The shoot went smoothly and we’re all very happy with the pictures. Many thanks to Jesse, the Observer, and the Library Hotel in NY for letting us use their roof. Enjoy!



And of course, some BTS:


Chris is pretty relaxed on set sometimes.


And yours truly sitting in for another light test.

Monthly Wrap – September 1st – October 4th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Hold on, wait a second. It’s October? What… happened to the month of September? How did we go an entire month without a single weekly wrap-up? Well it’s a bit of a long story – one that involves a lot of shooting, a lot of travel, and even a tiny little vacation to catch our breath – all jam packed into the last 30 days. The past month has been bi-coastal for us, shooting in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, NYC, and even Washington DC. It’s been a busy 30 days and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can send out a wrap up before it’s time for Christmas. For now though, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this month…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, August 18th – 29th

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

It’s been another crazy two weeks as August draws to a close. The past fourteen days has brought us from Philadelphia, to Michigan, back to Philly, and off to the deserts of the Southwest via the gambling mecca Las Vegas. The Crisman team split up, with Chris and Jared Castaldi headed out west and the rest of the crew back home in the city of brotherly love – wrapping up major campaigns and finishing a handful of new projects that we’re excited to be releasing in the coming weeks. Whether we’re shooting landscapes on the edge of a 1,000 ft cliff or retouching like mad, it’s never a dull moment. Keep reading to find out more…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, August 5th – 16th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Mid-August already? Time is flying by this summer – so quick in fact that I’ve been serving up double weekly wrap-ups instead of the usual. You’ll have to excuse the bi-weekly gap, we’re just somehow busy on Fridays this summer (even if that busyness sometimes involves a cold beer on the beach). Speaking of the beach, we’ve been all over these past few weeks, from down at the Jersey Shore, to NYC, Washington DC, and back home in Philadelphia. What have we been up to? Doing what we do best – making photos and grabbing behind the scenes to share. Keep reading to check it all out…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, July 22nd – August 2nd

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Two weeks already? The past fourteen days have, as usual, breezed on by, leaving us with an extra large wrap-up to share. What have we been up to for the last half of a month? We’ve split our time between home base in Philadelphia, light testing in the studio, a handful of local shoots on the east coast, and a very quick trip to Illinois for a day of plate and landscape shooting. Keep reading for more stories and behind the scenes shots…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, July 8th-19th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Another two weeks down and we’re getting close to the end of July – it honestly feels like last week that we were trudging through the snow with our gear to make photos in February. We’ve kept it local to the Philadelphia area lately, baking in the heatwave that has scorched the east coast, doing our best to stay cool and make pictures at the same time. Over the last fourteen days we’ve traveled and shot a few assignments as well as took some time back at home base to get ready for the next adventure. Keep reading to see what else we’ve been up to…


Weekly Wrap-up, July 4th

chris crisman weekly wrap up editorial advertising editorial tra

If you ask me, there isn’t a better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than traveling around our united states, meeting the amazing people who populate this country and taking their portraits as we go. We were lucky enough this week to visit a few states, meet a few new faces and make some amazing photos. As always, we made sure to snap a few behind the scenes that show what we’ve been up to these past few days…