The New Who’s Who in Philly

Throughout the month of August we worked on a project with Philadelphia Magazine to shoot a portfolio for G Philly, their publication for the LGBT community in Philadelphia. We spent a few weeks shooting “The New Who’s Who” in our local gay and lesbian community; It was a unique and incredible opportunity to meet so many interesting and influential people in Philly, not to mention the fun of shooting all their portraits. Keep reading for tears from the magazine, more new images and even a few behind the scenes.


Cameras and Cacti – Shooting in Arizona

We’re finally back in Philadelphia for a short respite before hitting the road on shoots later this week and all next week. Last week brought Chris and I to Tucson, Arizona to keep working on an editorial project about inspiring individuals. Our subjects this time showed incredible heroism and selflessness. Similar to our shoot in Texas, I wish I could share more, but that will have to wait till the magazine is released. As for now, keep reading to check out some behind the scenes shots from the desert.


Weekly Wrap-up, September 12th-16th

crisman weekly wrap up texas new york city pittsburgh travel phot

Whew. What a week. Hopefully this map gives an idea of how much time we’ve spent traveling these past six days: Lehigh, Houston, Port Arthur, New York City, and currently on the road back from Pittsburgh. We’ve been on a run of editorial shooting this week – facing 100° heat, massive mosquitoes, angry building superintendents, crazy lawyers, and uncooperative weather, but we’ve prevailed and the weekend is finally here. Keep reading for a few more photos of our adventures this week.