Weekly Wrap-up, April 9th-13th

It’s been a great week keeping it local in Philly and on the east coast. We spent the last few days working on getting caught up in the studio, and shooting a few editorial projects on the east coast. The next few months are going to be pretty crazy for our crew, so we’re trying to get geared up for lots of travel and lots of adventure. I wish I could say more, but you’ve just got to stay tuned to see what develops.

Keep reading to find out what else we were up to this week…


Creating the Image Part III of IV – Retouching

Here we are at part three of Creating the Image, our brand new blog series that breaks down and takes an in depth look at what really goes into making Chris’s personal, conceptual portraiture. Back in January of this year we created some persona work, with the intention of not only making amazing images, but documenting the entire process from concepting and brainstorming, to shooting, editing, retouching and all the way to the final product.

For our third post, we wanted to focus on the process that begins after the shoot wraps and the set is struck. With all of the pieces planned and photographed, the project transitioned over into the hands of our in-house digital artists. Working closely with Chris from the beginning stages of the shoot, they were able to work together the final composite in record time. Keep reading to learn more about the process of putting it all together…


Weekly Wrap-up, March 19th-23rd

Whew, what a week – a week full of traveling and making pictures. After having a day to prep and enjoy the early spring weather in Philadelphia, Chris and I took off to Colorado for an editorial shoot. We flew into Denver and headed west out into the wild to find and photograph our subject (you can see the amazing view they had in the shot above).

After a few crazy long days in Colorado, we were back on the east coast, stopping in Philly for a second to reload our gear and then headed up to NYC for a day of shooting in Splashlight studios. Keep reading to see more shots from our travels…


Behind the Scenes: Cleveland Vibrator Company

You read that title right, Cleveland Vibrator Company. We’re spending the week photographing the hardworking all-American men and women behind an almost century old company in Cleveland Ohio. They manufacture and design industrial and scientific vibration equipment – think industrial mixers and conveyor-belts, not wherever else your mind might have wandered (the gutter perhaps?). It’s an amazing location filled with genuine people who we’ve had a chance to meet and photograph this week.

I’m sure we’ll be back to shoot more in the future but for now enjoy the video above and keep reading for more behind the scenes photos.


The New Who’s Who in Philly

Throughout the month of August we worked on a project with Philadelphia Magazine to shoot a portfolio for G Philly, their publication for the LGBT community in Philadelphia. We spent a few weeks shooting “The New Who’s Who” in our local gay and lesbian community; It was a unique and incredible opportunity to meet so many interesting and influential people in Philly, not to mention the fun of shooting all their portraits. Keep reading for tears from the magazine, more new images and even a few behind the scenes.