New Conceptual Portrait: Birdman

chris crisman personal conceptual portrait crows piano

This spring has afforded us the opportunity to make a handful of new conceptual portraits. You may remember our Wildman portrait from a few weeks ago, and our Gardener we released last week – today we are excited to share the latest fantastical, conceptual environmental portrait: Birdman. Born as a combination of ideas, this latest portrait still amazes me in the way it came together – a unique combination of serendipitous finds and discoveries, spread out over the course of two years.

Yes, that is a strange way to describe the making of a photo, but bear with me and keep reading for the full explanation…


The Perfectly Powerful Peanut – Retouching Q&A

chris crisman national peanut board advertising

After releasing our blog post on creating a campaign for The Perfectly Powerful Peanut, we realized that there was still a big portion of the images and ultimately the campaign that we did not address – the retouching. In this unique scenario, we relied on the talents of the expert retoucher and digital artist Taisya Kuzmenko to combine our photography with custom botanical illustrations and work some magic to make a final image that was greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Collaborating with the creatives at LBVD, we were able to create some really amazing work – and who better to explain how it came together than the digital artist herself. Keep reading for our retouching Q&A as well as a handful of in-process shots of how this campaign came together…


Unforgettable San Antonio – Outdoor Retouching

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

We can’t think of a better way to follow the release of our second advertisement from the Unforgettable San Antonio campaign than to take an in-depth look at the retouching and compositing that helped bring this image to life. You may remember a few months ago when we released the Buckhorn ad, that we included a unique look through the retouching, starting with the blank canvas and rocketing through a month of work in just under a minute. You’re in luck because history is repeating itself and we’re sharing another in-depth look at how this amazing ad came to life. Keep reading for the video breakdown and more behind the scenes…


Unforgettable San Antonio – Outdoors

chris crisman unforgettable san antonio outdoors

How do you approach creating the impossible? When tasked with making photos that simply do not exist outside of imagination and concept, how do you bring those ideas to life? More importantly, how does it all come together? – These are just a few of the questions that we had to ask ourselves earlier this year when we began an unforgettable project for the city of San Antonio, Texas working with Proof Advertising. It’s been weeks of shooting, months of retouching, and thousands of photos later, but we are very excited to share the second of these incredible advertisements – San Antonio Outdoors.

From Sea World to the Zoo, penguins to peacocks, famous artists and musicians both old and new, bluebonnet flowers to roller coasters, the outdoor advertisement we were tasked to create for San Antonio was simply too wild to exist in one place. This ad in particular presented unique challenges because we needed to not only capture all of the separate elements, but also a very specific moment in time; the short window when the Texas state flower blooms wild across the landscape of the city. Complicated? Surely. Impossible? Never. Keep reading for the behind the scenes story of how this unforgettable advertisement came into being….


The Making of Suitcase Girl

chris crisman suitcase girl portrait

Some photos can be years in the making – even if we don’t realize it at the time. Would you believe that our latest conceptual portrait started in 2008, only to be finished five years later in 2013? Would you also believe that this image took two separate trips to Illinois as well as a costume fashion shoot to finally bring Chris’s vision to life. We wouldn’t necessarily believe it either, but sometimes the truth behind our photos can be stranger than fiction.

So how did this all happen? keep reading for the full story…


Spelunker Portrait

chris crisman spelunker personal work enviormental portrait

We’re really excited to be showcasing a brand new photo on the blog today. You may remember a mention of traveling underground to shoot some photos earlier this year when we were down in Texas working on our Unforgettable San Antonio ad campaign. When we were subterranean, we took the opportunity to shoot a few shots for personal work as well, including the environmental portrait we’re releasing today. How did the shot come together? How do you light an image like this? Keep reading for the answers…


Unforgettable San Antonio – Buckhorn Saloon Retouching

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising buckhorn retouchin

Now that we’ve released our first shot from the Unforgettable San Antonio campaign, we thought it was only appropriate to take a deeper look at how it all came together. With a final file that tops out over 10 gigabytes and 200+ layers, it is hard for us to even describe the complexity of what we’ve created here. So we’re not just going to talk about it – we’re going to show it. Keep reading for a more in-depth, layer by layer look at the Buckhorn and an interview with the digital artist who helped bring this image to life…