Washingtonian: Fun on the Water

chris crisman washingtonian cover fun on the water

Whenever we hear from the creatives at Washingtonian, we always know that we’ll be tasked to bring some wild idea to life and make beautiful photos in the process. As always, their latest cover shoot did not disappoint. Shoot some tubers in the middle of a river – sounds easy enough right? Little did we know what was in store for the Crisman team that day. Thankfully we didn’t lose any cameras or lights to the river, but there were plenty of close call – keep reading to find out the whole story…


San Antonio Behind the Scenes – The Grip Truck

chris crisman advertising tourism san antonio grip van

We’ve just wrapped up twenty days of shooting down in San Antonio Texas, working on a massive project that took us all over the place, shooting  the best things the city has to offer. I know you’re hoping that right about now is going to be the big reveal where we share what the project is about and show you some images. Not quite. I promise that the full story and the big reveal are on the way, and you’ll just have to be patient until we can show it.

I am excited today to talk about a very special part of the shoot – a Dodge Sprinter Van. Have we finally gone crazy – a blog post about a van? Yes, I might be crazy, but this is no normal vehicle. This grip truck that I was proud to drive for the past few weeks is truly something special….


From The Archive: Travaasa Austin

chris crisman travaasa austin lifestyle travel tourism photo

It was about this time two years ago, back in 2011 when we were packing our bags and getting ready to head off to the Lone Star state to create an image library for a brand new resort property in the Texas hill country.

Our shoot for Travaasa Austin was the beginning of a project that also took us to their resort in Hawaii and could possibly lead us on new adventures in the future. For now though, keep reading for a look back and behind the scenes…


Hawaii Magazine Cover

“Maui Bliss” – that couldn’t be more true. We’re happy to report that Hawaii Magazine is featuring one of Chris’s photos on their February 2012 Cover. You might remember back in May of last year when we were shooting this very photo in Hawaii – after a day like that I know I won’t forget. Keep Reading for a few more shots from that adventure.