Washingtonian: Relax, Recharge, Renew

chris crisman editorial washingtonian magazine spa cover

Whenever the editors at Washingtonian call for a cover shoot, we know we’re in for something different. Whether it’s shooting DC’s top restaurant, or braving a raging river to get the shot, it’s always an experience worth having and absolutely a photo worth making. For their latest issue, we thought we had it easy – relaxing and shooting a few photos at a world class spa. Little did we know the unique situation we were about to get ourselves into. Keep reading for more…


Washingtonian: Best Resturants Cover Shoot

chris crisman washingtonian cover best resturants

When our good friends at Washingtonian called with an assignment to shoot the cover of their Best Restaurants issue, it was an easy sell to get our team on-board. Travel down to DC and spend a day working (and possibly eating) in one of the best restaurants the city has to offer? Make a handful of awesome photos and create a truly inspiring cover? Hangout with some very talented award winning creatives? Sounds like something right up our alley.

As usual, our task at hand was a bit more challenging than first glance – turn a bright sunlight day into a warm and inviting winter evening in a cozy brasserie. How did we do it? Keep reading for a look behind the scenes…