Weekly Wrap-up, October 17th-21st

Two countries, seven cities, three crazy photoshoots. It’s been a long week of editorial shooting and traveling, a week that took us from Philly to upstate New York, Vancouver, Phoenix, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We photographed all sorts of people, from fungus growing entrepreneurs to anthropologists to basketball coaches. All in all – a good week. Keep reading and take a look at a few shots from along the way.


Double Weekly Wrap-up, September 26th – October 7th

It’s been a busy few weeks. We’ve put a lot of miles down, between Arizona, Philadelphia, NYC, and we’re on the road as I’m writing this, headed through Wisconsin, eventually to Chicago tonight. The shot above is from down in Arizona, between Phoenix and Tucson – driving through a pretty wild dust storm. If you’ve never been through anything like that, imagine driving through a blizzard, full of sand. It was definitely a strange experience, then again the last few weeks have been full of them. Keep reading for a few more photos and some stories from the last few weeks.


Weekly Wrap-up, August 29th – September 2nd

chris crisman italy, chris crisman photography italy, crisman italy tourism, crisman italy photos, crisman italy landscape, chris crisman weekly wrap up, chris crisman hurrican ireneAn outtake from Oliphant Studio

 With Chris in Italy, it’s been a quieter week around the studio, a week of working on finishing up our round two of promotional books, designing and printing some other new promo materials, and catching up on everything else that I can in preparation for the busy Fall ahead of us. I’m really excited that I got a chance to shoot some behind the scenes of the process for making those promotional books and equally excited to share that video with everyone soon. Keep reading for a few more bits of news and some more shots of Italy via Chris.


Weekly Wrap-up, August 22-26th

chris crisman weekly wrap up, crisman weekly wrap up, chris crisman photography, chris crisman redbull, chris crisman bicycling, chris crisman new york athletic club

Can you say best dressed photo crew in NYC? This week had us shooting a lot of sports, first at the Red Bull Soccer stadium in Newark, NJ, then later in the week at the New York Athletic Club, where they actually have a dress code that enforces jackets and slacks, no jeans or tee shirts – even for photo crews (not pictured is all the gear we had to move while dressed so fancy). Keep reading to see what else happened this week.


Weekly Wrap-up, August 15-19th

Photo by Claudia Gavin

It’s been another busy week in and around Philly. We spent some time in Cape May, down at the Jersey Shore, shooting and taking in the sun. We didn’t have too much time for lounging on the beach or taking a dive in the ocean, but it’s all good – no sand or salt water in the cameras. Keep reading to see what else happened this week.


Weekly Wrap-up, August 8-12th

chris crisman weekly wrap up chris crisman pocketwizardDon’t worry – it’s harmless.

Robert here, the studio manager, assistant, and sometimes-contributor to Chris’s blog. I read a lot of blogs out there on the internet, both photo-related and non-photography based, and I’ve always noticed at the end of the week they post some kind of look back on the week, just to make sure everyone out there didn’t miss anything important. Since we’ve started adding more and more content to our blog, I realized it might not be a bad idea to write a weekly wrap-up myself.