The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Whenever our shoot location for the day has a strict “jacket and collared shirt” dress code, you know it’s going to be an interesting day. Back in December, Philadelphia Magazine asked Chris to shoot a group portrait at the Union League of Philadelphia, our city’s most exclusive members-only club. We were tasked with shooting a handful of Philly’s most influential gay men, known as the A-gays of the Union League.

An 8-person group portrait in one of the swankiest locations in the city – How did it go? Keep reading for behind the scenes photos and the details behind this shot…


Weekly Wrap-up, November 26th-30th

Another week down – more photos made, more miles logged, more stories to tell. The past week started in Philly and is coming to a close on an airplane back from the great state of South Carolina. We’ve been getting ready for the end of the year and getting excited for 2013 on top of the usual business of making awesome pictures. It’s been a fun one, so keep reading to see what we’ve been up to these past few days…


New Mexico Landscape Behind-the-Scenes

A few weeks ago we found ourselves hopping on a flight down to New Mexico a few days earlier than scheduled to avoid an incoming winter storm. Getting out of Philly just in the nick of time, we landed in the southwest on a mission to make some great landscape photos.

They’re in the process of retouching right now and I can’t wait to show them when they’re done, but for know keep reading for more behind the scenes and more of the natural beauty of New Mexico…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 5th-16th

Whew. What a crazy run. Thankfully it’s Friday and also the 12th day straight we’ve been working, traveling all over and making photos. This trip took us home base in Philly to New Mexico, Los Angeles, the Mojave desert, Washington DC, New York, and back to Philadelphia.

We braved the surprisingly freezing temps and deceiving sands of the desert to make a new body of landscape work, shot a practically extraterrestrial editorial assignment, and spoke about the history of Chris’s career all in the past few days. It all flew by and now that it’s done, here’s our double dose of photos and stories. Keep reading to see what’s kept us busy the past fourteen days…


Weekly Wrap-up, October 29th – November 2nd

It’s certainly been an interesting week. Not exactly business as usual for Monday and Tuesday thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but thankfully every part of the Crisman photo team weathered the storm just fine. We were very lucky, since Philadelphia did not face the brunt like New Jersey and New York. Our thoughts do go out to everyone in our industry and beyond who’s been affected, we hope you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Although we were delayed by the storms, we did our best to get right back at it when we could. As the last two months of the year begin, we’ve got a ton of shoots and projects to take care of before we enter 2013. It’s gonna get pretty crazy in the coming weeks, but for now keep reading to check out how we fared these past few days…


Weekly Wrap-up, October 22nd-26th

Is it seriously almost Halloween? Where did the month of October go? I ran out of time to work on my Annie Leibovitz costume! Ah well, autumn holidays aside we’ve had another busy week, keeping it local with a few editorial shoots and then splitting up with Chris up in New York City and yours truly holding down the fort back in the city of brotherly love. Keep reading to see what else we were up to these past few days…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, October 8-19th

It’s been a crazy two weeks of shoots, scouting, casting, and production. Just yesterday we wrapped up a huge personal lifestyle shoot that we can’t wait to share as soon as it’s out of retouching. We’ve got a ton of behind the scenes from the day, so stay tuned for that update. For now though, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to the last few weeks…