Weekly Wrap-up, December 17th-21st

Here we are – the last week, the last shoot, the last wrap-up of 2012. And what a year it’s been! Tons of miles traveled, tons of stories told, and tons of photos shot. We’ll take a more in-depth look back and look forward towards 2013 in the coming weeks, but for now I’m happy to report that it is Friday and we and in these past few days we wrapped up our final shoot of the year working on an advertising project in Los Angeles. As always, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this week…


New Mexico Landscape Behind-the-Scenes

A few weeks ago we found ourselves hopping on a flight down to New Mexico a few days earlier than scheduled to avoid an incoming winter storm. Getting out of Philly just in the nick of time, we landed in the southwest on a mission to make some great landscape photos.

They’re in the process of retouching right now and I can’t wait to show them when they’re done, but for know keep reading for more behind the scenes and more of the natural beauty of New Mexico…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 5th-16th

Whew. What a crazy run. Thankfully it’s Friday and also the 12th day straight we’ve been working, traveling all over and making photos. This trip took us home base in Philly to New Mexico, Los Angeles, the Mojave desert, Washington DC, New York, and back to Philadelphia.

We braved the surprisingly freezing temps and deceiving sands of the desert to make a new body of landscape work, shot a practically extraterrestrial editorial assignment, and spoke about the history of Chris’s career all in the past few days. It all flew by and now that it’s done, here’s our double dose of photos and stories. Keep reading to see what’s kept us busy the past fourteen days…


Yellowstone Landscape Shooting

Last week we were incredibly fortunate to travel to Yellowstone National Park for an editorial assignment. Neither Chris nor I have ever been to that part of the United States before, so in addition to crossing two states off of our list (Wyoming and Montana), we took advantage of the opportunity to shoot some landscapes and capture as much of the beautiful and wild country as we could.

Our landscapes are receiving the retouching treatment and we’ll share as soon as they’re ready, but for now keep reading for some shots of our adventure…


Looking Back: Travaasa Hana Outtakes

This time in 2011 we were just getting back from our adventure in Hawaii shooting for Travaasa Hana. We’ve blogged about it, shared behind the scenes stills and video, and as I was looking through our archive recently, I realized there were a few outstanding photos that might otherwise never see the light of day. They’re ridiculous, bizarre, and definitely not flattering – keep reading to see some of our best Hawaiian outtakes.


Looking Back: Travaasa Hana

This time last year we were packing our bags (and swimsuits) to fly out to Hawaii for an almost three week long project working with Travaasa Hana, a spa resort on the island of Maui in Hawaii. You might remember that we live-blogged the entire shoot, all seventeen days of the project. Not only was that the kick-off to our new blog, but it was also one of the most fun and interesting shoots we’ve had in a while.

That being said, when I came across some behind the scenes video footage a few weeks ago, I thought it would only be appropriate to cut together a quick clip from the shoot. Many thanks to our superstar assistant Jeff Elkins for filming these clips. Enjoy!

Weekly Wrap-up, January 30th – February 3rd

It’s been a busy week – no other way to describe it. Looking ahead at the calendar for February, you’d think this week was a vacation in comparison. There’s a ton of exciting things ahead, from shooting in NYC, Philly, and Cleveland, to a pretty awesome opportunity in the works for all of you to possibly get your hands on some of Chris’s work. More about that to come next week.

For the past few days we’ve been shooting and planning, working around Philly to make some photos and get everything in order for the craziness ahead. In all honest, I can’t believe it’s the weekend already (but I am totally thankful that it is). Keep reading to see what else we’ve been up to lately…