Weekly Wrap-up, October 1st-5th

Another week down – the first in October. When I looked at the calendar to mark the dates for this blog post, I had to ask myself, where has this year gone? I’m not sure about anyone else, but the past ten months have flown by and looking ahead to the end of the year I have a feeling that we’ll be celebrating 2013 before we know it.

Before I get too ahead of myself, these past five days have been spent in-and-around our hometown of Philadelphia. Chris and I have been shooting, scouting, and planning for upcoming meetings, assignments, and personal projects. We’re only a week into October but the month is already starting to get crazy. Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to for the past few days…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, September 10th-21st

It’s been a wild ride these past two weeks. I should apologize for missing our weekly wrap-up last week, but I was just too damn busy. Last week took Chris, myself, and the crew up to NYC for a week long advertising project shooting both video and still images.

We worked like crazy with an amazingly talented crew to create a handful of stills and video spots for a campaign that we will be telling you all about as soon as we can. As always, we can’t say too much until it’s all released – it’ll be worth the wait.

As for the last week in Philly, we’ve been back in the studio, working on a few personal projects and gearing up for Fall. We’ve got two weeks worth of photos and stories, so keep reading to find out more…


Weekly Wrap-up, September 3rd-7th

Even though we took a minute to relax and celebrate Labor day, we were back in full swing for the first week of September. We spent the last few days working hard to get ready for a week long advertising project just ahead on the horizon and shooting, as usual, making pictures like we always do.

Our shoots this week spanned a strange mix of subject matter, ranging from beautiful conceptual portraits to 200mph gas guzzling, exhaust spewing race-cars. Yes it’s never a dull moment, even on the weeks with holidays mixed in. We’ve got more photos and stories from the past few days… keep reading to get the full scoop.


Weekly Wrap-up, August 27th-31st

It’s been another busy week for us – splitting our time and energy between a few local shoots in Philadelphia and some work up in New York City. With Chris working on location scouting, casting and meetings for an upcoming ad project, I was back at home base in the studio, keeping everything in order and working with our retouchers to get all of these recent projects underway. I can’t wait to share them as they’re release, we have some really cool stories and photos to share.

We started out on Monday with a few very unlikely and interesting locations for an editorial shoot and ended the week back in Philly, getting ready to enjoy the long weekend ahead. Yes, it’s labor day on Monday and we certainly labor enough around here so a much needed day off is in order. As for this week though, keep reading to see some more of what we were up to…


Weekly Wrap-up, August 20-24th

We’ve been back in the city of brother love these past few days and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a good thing we had a week back at the studio. I hate to revert to an adage to describe this week, but when it rains, it pours. Unfortunately, I’m talking about our gear this week. Between our servers, macbooks, Mac Pro’s and even our lighting equipment, I feel like I’ve been putting out fires for the past five days.

Thankfully though, all of our gear waited until conveniently enough, we were back working locally to decide to stop working. I’m glad we’ve got all of this troubleshooting behind us, keep reading for what else happened this week…


Weekly Wrap-up, August 6-10th

Another crazy week down. Six shoots in five days, ranging from Chicago to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. All of this craziness and I put a picture of cannolis up for the weekly wrap-up? It may seem strange, but they were a very special plate of pastry, prepared by a very special subject that I (as usual) can’t reveal too much about. All I can say for now is that the cannolis were delicious and the pictures look even better.

That was only one of our adventures this week – we also managed to fly Chris out to Chicago for part 1 of 3 of an editorial project, shoot a few photos in NYC and DC, and even find time for a studio advertising photoshoot in our hometown of Philly. Keep reading for a few more photos from our travels…


Weekly Wrap-up, July 16th – 20th

It’s been a week on the road – we’ve spent the last few days traveling and shooting on the east coast, racking up the miles down and back to Greensboro NC for an editorial shoot and working a few days in the Philly area. We’re also doing our best to gear up for an upcoming non-stop three week straight photo-bender. That’s right, we’re looking ahead at almost 21 days of shooting for a handful of editorial and advertising clients. Rest? Relaxation? Sleep? Who needs that when you’re taking awesome photos. It’s been fun the past few days, keep reading for more photos and stories of what we’ve been up to..