Weekly Wrap-up, February 18th – 24th

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What a week. We’re sitting here in the Phoenix airport, getting ready to head back home to Philadelphia and this is the first time I can really look back on the past few days and how crazy they were.

An amazing editorial assignment brought us to the southwest for a week, shooting all over the state of Arizona. An equally amazing force of mother nature threw a wrench in our plans in the form of a state-wide snowstorm. What did we do? What we always do – we made pictures. Keep reading for the full story…


Weekly Wrap-up, February 13th-18th

It was a week full of early mornings and sunrises on the road. We put some miles on the road, traveling between Philadelphia, Bedford, NY and Allentown, PA for a combination of advertising and personal project work. The truck was packed and unpacked, octabanks set up and broken down, fuses blown and post-shoot beers consumed.

All things considered, we did what we do best – we made pictures. Keep reading for a few more shots of our travels this week…