The New Year – Looking Ahead

With 2012 ahead of us, we’re excited – in the near future we’ll hopefully have some very exciting news to announce, and beyond that there’s an entire year ahead to get ready, gear up, and look forward to.

Looking back for a moment – Chris has been blogging since 2009, and we really focused on it last year as a way to share new work, look behind the scenes, explain our thoughts, and connect with people. We searched for the meaning of life with creatives and innovators alike, live-blogged an adventure in Hawaii, shared stories about meeting and making photos with inspirational individuals and amazing athletes. All things considered, 2011 was a great year and we were happy to share it like never before.

As for what the future holds for this blog, we’re curious. What would you like to see? What types of insight and information can we offer? Let us know, comment on this post, send us an email, reach out on twitter @crismanphoto or @robertluessen or post on our Facebook.

Here’s to a great year ahead. Cheers!

9 replies to “The New Year – Looking Ahead”

  1. Your work is amazing. I say you come out with a Lighting workshop dvd combined with the retouching of your images about your photography. An example could be how you go about your daily routines and your life on the road doing editorial shoots and so on. just a suggestion!

  2. In addition to what Jake offered, I would love a shot breakdown, particularly of some of your lifestyle shots (eg. #7 and #12). I am very fond of the slightly desaturated(?) look of Chris’s work and that is evident in the landscapes, so would love to know how that look is achieved?

  3. You guys have already been incredibly generous sharing as much as you do. More of the same would be great. It’s wonderful and inspirational to look and learn from what you are doing and your unique perspective is very refreshing. I wish you all the continued success that you deserve. G

  4. I think the hardest part about photography is lighting your subject to make the scene look like its naturally lit (when using artificial flash) Looking at Chris’s photographs the subjects all look lit naturally. It doesnt just look like a light was randomly placed. But each light had its own purpose. It would be awesome and I would MARK OUT if Chris came out with a DVD on his light set up like Jake said, showing how he goes about his shoot. Diagrams and all. Would be very amazing. Also his images are amazing due to the retouchers he works with. It would also be very cool if we could see a walk through of how his retoucher goes about her ways to make the images look extraordinary. Id pay big bucks to see it, and I know you guys can make it happen. Just my 2 cents though!

  5. Thanks Michael, we’ll try to keep all of that in mind for the future. I’m hoping to do a bit more video in the behind the scenes this year, so that could be a good start. Cheers.

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