Unforgettable San Antonio – Outdoor Retouching

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

We can’t think of a better way to follow the release of our second advertisement from the Unforgettable San Antonio campaign than to take an in-depth look at the retouching and compositing that helped bring this image to life. You may remember a few months ago when we released the Buckhorn ad, that we included a unique look through the retouching, starting with the blank canvas and rocketing through a month of work in just under a minute. You’re in luck because history is repeating itself and we’re sharing another in-depth look at how this amazing ad came to life. Keep reading for the video breakdown and more behind the scenes…

Here it is – another retouching time-lapse! Hundreds of hours compressed into the span of merely 67 seconds. Take a look and watch closely to see how this environment and the subjects are built from the ground up.

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

In a way, our biggest challenge with this ad was to create a beautiful, idyllic and surreal environment that although may not exist in reality, captures and accurately depicts some of the unique outdoor elements of San Antonio

To make this happen, we needed to include the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country, recreational outdoor spaces like golf courses, an actual bend from the San Antonio river, a bridge from the famous San Antonio riverwalk, and of course the elusive state flower, the bluebonnet. Sounds easy enough right?

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

Not to mention the fact that once we’ve created the perfect landscape for our subjects, then we need to seamlessly blend in eight human talent, fifteen animals, a priceless work of art, historic airplane, cannon, and a rollercoaster.

Truth be told, it’s not always an easy process and along the way and pieces often shift and move around before being finalized. Taking a look at the very rough shot above, you can see where our pieces were initially placed.

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

Our final product was not a great deviation from the original comp. Using this sketch as both inspiration for our vision and a guide for creation, we took all of the ideas and concepts that were depicted here and worked with our amazing team in San Antonio to elevate the vision of this sketch and create our final product.

chris crisman san antonio tourism advertising outdoors retouchin

Although the time-lapse video speeds through the process like it happened in a matter of seconds, the real work of retouching this image lasted us for about a month. That amount of time spent on one image may seem daunting but it is necessary to create work of this scale and to allow for the creative process to take shape.

Every little detail of this image was combed over, scrutinized and improved upon – we left no stone unturned in the creation of this ad. Literally from the ground up, we spent weeks working and tweaking and revising to land at this final point. As you can see above from a marked up draft in progress, every element needed to be tweaked and finessed to create this final image.

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  1. I have just finished a composite shoot and retouch which took me 72 hrs of intense retouching.It’s nice to know it’s not just me dragging my feet but rather that composting high quality detailed images takes time,patience and much re jigging along the way.

  2. Hey Simon, sorry for the slow reply and thank you for your comment. 72 hours is a long time, but I’m sure the final product was well worth the effort! Keep it up.

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