Weekly Wrap-up, April 2nd-6th

It was a bi-coastal week for the Crisman photography team these past few days. Chris spent the week out in San Fransisco & beyond, keeping busy with a few rounds of meetings and of course some shooting. For the rest of us, the week was spent back on the east coast enjoying the first week of April. I got a chance to work with some new gear and shoot some photos myself. Keep reading for what else we’ve been up to this week…

I spent the week back at the studio, holding down the fort. Being back in Philly for a minute gave me a great chance to get caught up with our gear inventory, update our servers, and start work on an exciting new promotional project. Oh and not to mention, with Chris on the other side of the country shooting the 1ds mk iii, the new 5d was all mine for the week.

Speaking of the 5d mk iii and the beautiful Philly skyline… here’s a shot testing out the in-camera HDR mode. Not exactly the best look. I have to admit though, in defense of the camera, you can adjust the intensity of the HDR toning and I think I had it cranked up to 11 here.

Another test shot with the 5d, this one also thanks to Jared Castaldi (interesting subject matter I know). He and I had a really good opportunity to put the camera through it’s paces this week, but Chris still hasn’t had the opportunity to test shoot it – keep a lookout for our initial review in the next few weeks after we shoot a bit more.

Speaking of new gear, you might notice some very custom and very old school labels on this Dynalite power pack. I’m no electrical engineer, but I know there’s some wizardry going on here to crank out some extra power out of what was formerly a 2000 w/s pack. Seems like it’s a theme of this blog post, but I’ve got to say it: “The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven”

And of course it was the start of Baseball season this week. Unfortunately the Phillies started their season in Pittsburgh, but we were there in spirit thanks to cable TV.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared part III of IV in our creating the image series, this round we discussed the retouching process behind the shot

 – It’s the start of baseball season and we showed behind the scenes of our shoot with Phillie’s outfielder Hunter Pence

 – Our behind the scenes video from last winter in Florida was featured on Fstoppers

 – The Strobist tells a story of an intercontinental April fools joke that almost was

 – Mad Men season 5 recently began & photographer James Minchin has some incredible behind the scenes set photos

– Richard Schultz discusses photographing “beautiful people” on Heather Elder’s blog

Last but not least…

Sunsets & power cables in the studio.