Weekly Wrap-up, August 13-17th

These past few days have seriously been a whirlwind. Philadelphia to Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Yellowstone, Denver, and all back to Philadelphia in less than five days. This crazy run had us traveling all over shooting portraits for an editorial project and some personal landscape work in the amazing wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. We’ve braved layovers, delayed and missed flights, hundreds of miles on the road, and all sorts of wild animals in the name of making great pictures. We’ve got a ton of behind the scenes and other miscellaneous photos from this week, keep reading to see what we were up to…

We were on the road early in the week for an editorial shoot that brought us to a bakery in Michigan. I certainly wasn’t the subject but I made sure to show off my whisking skills for this test shot.

Of course with any shot in a bakery, not only did we make sure to sample all of the tasty treats, Chris somehow managed to stick his head into a bag of flour and really perfect his mad scientist look.

Now for a bit of a diversion – hopefully all of you beer geek readers out there won’t be too jealous when I tell you that our shoot was right outside of Grand Rapids, MI and that it was totally necessary for us to make the trip to Founders for lunch and a few celebratory brews.

After wrapping our shoot in Michigan and some considerable time spent delayed in airports around the country, we finally made it to Yellowstone.

We spent the good part of two days shooting portraits of our guide (more to blog about that after the magazine is released) and capturing the beauty of the absolutely amazing natural landscapes around us.

And if you’re wondering, we did get a lot closer to those Buffalo…

No worries though, no bison or photographers were harmed in the making of these photos.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We went behind the scenes from our August cover of Bicycling Magazine

 – Chris was featured and interviewed on FotoFlock.com, a photo community based in India

 – Heather Elder revisits a blog post from 2011… “Dear Art Buyer”

 – A Photo Editor links to an interesting take on Instagram and the novelty of photography

Last but not least…

We’re glad it’s Friday. With all the airports and layovers and hours spent in the car, this week has definitely taken it’s toll on us.

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