Weekly Wrap-up, August 20-24th

We’ve been back in the city of brother love these past few days and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a good thing we had a week back at the studio. I hate to revert to an adage to describe this week, but when it rains, it pours. Unfortunately, I’m talking about our gear this week. Between our servers, macbooks, Mac Pro’s and even our lighting equipment, I feel like I’ve been putting out fires for the past five days.

Thankfully though, all of our gear waited until conveniently enough, we were back working locally to decide to stop working. I’m glad we’ve got all of this troubleshooting behind us, keep reading for what else happened this week…

As the in-house geek, I’ve had to perform surgery on not one, but two macs this week. I forgot to take a photo, but we also had Chris’s macbook pro in pieces on Monday trying to diagnose a problem (thank you Apple store for a logic board replacement!). As for this Mac Pro, it needed a whole new set of RAM to get it back in order. Yup – when it rains, it pours.

I also took advantage of our time in the studio this week to sort out and clean up all of our gear. When you’re on the road for nearly six weeks straight, equipment has a tendency to randomly stop working. I blame the baggage handlers in airports.

And of course, with all the shooting we’ve been doing, we spent some critical time backing up and securing all those photos. Our server cage is starting to feel a little bit too much like 2001 A Space Odyssey. I’m worried it might go sentient and turn on me.

If you didn’t see it on Monday, we also release a pretty cool behind the scenes time-lapse from a shoot a few months ago. We’ve got video on the brain as we move into fall, so expect to see some more releases in the future…

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We went behind the scenes with stills and a time-lapse video for our recent feature shoot for O, The Oprah Magazine

 – We shared even more behind the scenes from some personal landscape shooting in Yellowstone National Park

 – Heather Elder has a look at fellow photographer Ron Berg’s new portfolio video

 – APhotoEditor has an extensive interview with photo legend Greg Heisler

 – Shooter Steve Giralt explains the key to artificial lighting for photography (the answer is more obvious than you may think)

Last but not least…

I got very well acquainted with the apple store this week… Here’s to hoping I stay out of there for a while in the future.

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  1. always enjoy your blog, not least because it’s well written and smart. chris is apparently ivy league, maybe you are, too…
    besides that, thoroughly jealous of the assignments you guys are shooting. but in a good way.


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