Weekly Wrap-up, August 27th-31st

It’s been another busy week for us – splitting our time and energy between a few local shoots in Philadelphia and some work up in New York City. With Chris working on location scouting, casting and meetings for an upcoming ad project, I was back at home base in the studio, keeping everything in order and working with our retouchers to get all of these recent projects underway. I can’t wait to share them as they’re release, we have some really cool stories and photos to share.

We started out on Monday with a few very unlikely and interesting locations for an editorial shoot and ended the week back in Philly, getting ready to enjoy the long weekend ahead. Yes, it’s labor day on Monday and we certainly labor enough around here so a much needed day off is in order. As for this week though, keep reading to see some more of what we were up to…

One of our shoots this week brought us to a fairly suburban location with a bit of a twist. Yes, you are looking at that photo correctly and yes that is a super-rare Ferrari sitting in that garage. No, unfortunately none of our crew got to drive it.

Another location took us urban exploring this week. Even though we were shooting in an abandoned building, Chris and I managed to do what we do best – work on our iPhones.

After our shoot in the beginning of the week, Chris was off to New York City for some scouting and prepping for an upcoming advertising project.

Some of this prep involved a bit of casting for actors & actresses – a process that is pretty new and exciting for us.

While Chris was keeping busy up in NYC – someone had to hold down the fort back in Philadelphia. That someone would be me.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared stories and behind the scenes shooting in Arizona for O, The Oprah Magazine

 – Coincidentally, APhotoEditor featured that spread on Monday’s Daily Edit

 – I went in depth for a tech post about our printing workflow – get ready to geek out

 – Our rep, Heather Elder shares a strangely delicious video from fellow photographer Kevin Twomey

 – Steve Giralt offers up 15 pieces of advice from RIT Grads to current students (as an RIT grad myself… I have to say this list looks familiar)

Last but not least…

If you were wondering, unfortunately my troubleshooting nightmare was not resolved as of last week… the saga of the malfunctioning Mac Pro continues!