Weekly Wrap-up, August 6-10th

Another crazy week down. Six shoots in five days, ranging from Chicago to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. All of this craziness and I put a picture of cannolis up for the weekly wrap-up? It may seem strange, but they were a very special plate of pastry, prepared by a very special subject that I (as usual) can’t reveal too much about. All I can say for now is that the cannolis were delicious and the pictures look even better.

That was only one of our adventures this week – we also managed to fly Chris out to Chicago for part 1 of 3 of an editorial project, shoot a few photos in NYC and DC, and even find time for a studio advertising photoshoot in our hometown of Philly. Keep reading for a few more photos from our travels…

No surprise here, but we put a lot of miles down in the car again this week, with lots of time spent in traffic and lots of time spent in the August rainstorms.

We were shooting down in DC at the end of the week, wrapping up with the last shoot of the gigantic advertising project that has taken us all over the country these past few months.

Our superstar assistant Jared stood in for plenty of light tests this week – we had him onboard for five out of the six shoots.

Ah yes, the glamor of travel as a photographer. Some nights you check into really fine establishments, like this hotel which featured not only a bubble wall behind their front desk, but a color-changing bubble wall. Keeping it classy.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We go back to the archives from last year to look at Chris’s shoot with country music star Toby Keith

 – We’re featured in TagesWoche, a Swiss weekly newspaper

 – Heather Elder has an in-depth inteview with Char Eisner, a legendary name ad world

 – Fellow shooter Steve Giralt comments on what it means to call yourself a photographer

 – The Forensic Photo blog asks if trust in photography is declining?

Last but not least…

As if those cannolis  weren’t enough, I had to go and try and eat a giant pink frosted doughnut.